I stopped importing most books published in India about 1992 and for newer titles I suggest the Indian dealers below. They can supply most titles by airmail for less than I can afford to sell them. I have not dealt extensively with them so please let me know your experiences. The print quality of books published in India is getting pretty good, but Western reprints are to be preferred over Indian of the pre-1990s period. An outfit called Low Price Publications is producing some absolutely horrible reprints of older (pre-1940's only?) works.

First apporach should be to use Addall Books or BookFinder as these search listings of Abebooks and other multi-dealer sites. I believe you will find all offerings of these four major sellers there, but you may want to check their sites individually. Try searching several different ways on Vedams and BP, as their search engines do not work very well:

B.P. Agencies     Vedams Books     Prabhu Book Service     Gopi Books     Numsmaticindia     India Coins & Banknotes

These two do not list on Abebooks or other sites searched by the book-finder sites:

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers    D.K. Agencies

One book seller who has gotten good reviews is Raju Bhatt. A bibliographic listing offers a wide range of titles - all unpriced, but seller will quote. Be sure to consider shipping charges when comparing quotes. To get the best postal rates, the book must be visible through the packaging which leads some book dealers to ship with one end open, often resulting in stoved corners or other damage. Ask your seller to quote shipping rates with secure packing.

News of new publications and other topics relating to Indian coin collecting is found in the daily postings of the South Asia Coins Group.

My own offerings of numismatic books on India can be found at:

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