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   1) Surcharges: We reserve the right to charge credit card users the amount of the processing fee, or any portion thereof, or not. Our policy is 1) To notify the customer before making the charge and offer alternate payment methods, and 2) To apply the charge only to: Wholesale sales, discounted retail sales, gold, items priced within 5% of bullion value, sales where shipping costs more than 25% of merchandise value, and any fees over 2% (such as rewards cards, corporate cards, non-US banks). Mastercard will be surcharged for ALL purchases, due to their higher merchant fees.
   2) Returns For merchandise returns and cancelled sales, we reserve the right to refund MINUS the amount charged by your issuing bank for processing the original transaction which could amount to 4% or more of the transaction amount. If you are using a card that provides cash back or unusual benefits, please expect this charge when making returns.
   2) Restricted Items Acceptance of credit cards and Paypal is solely at our discretion under these circumstances: 1) Delivery to certain countries outside North America (see below), 2) Delivery to an address other than that associated with the account, 3) Failure to provide adequate credit references on request, 4) Gold, 5) Wholesale, 6) Discounted merchandise, 7) Russian Blue trade beads, 8) Some consigned merchandise (as noted in offer), 9) Customers who have been advised that all transactions must be on a cash basis. We may charge all or part of credit card processing fees for such transactions, but only after giving specific notice to customer and offering alternative payment methods.


Shipments to countries with unreliable registered mail and paid by Paypal or credit cards must go by insured mail with full declared value: Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Latin America, Africa. We may require this shipping method for first-time buyers in other countries who pay by Paypal or credit cards.

   US Shipments: For heavy ground shipments where a private carrier saves you money, with your permission, we pass on their actual charges, plus $2 drop-off charge. If you request air shipment by private carrier, or USPS Express Mail, we may charge their actual rates plus a $5 service fee to cover extra travel or labor (excessive paper-work, telephone calls to compare rates, travel time, standing in line, staying home during pickup window, etc.) We prefer to ship by ordinary USPS mail.
   Foreign Shipments: Because Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal require delivery confirmation, we have to ship packages over 1.8 Kilos at more expensive trackable classes of mail outside the US., insured, with 100% value declared. To avoid higher shipment and customs charges, please remit by Wise or bank wire.

YOUR SECURITY - Sending us credit card details, or cash
   Credit Cards:.   I need the 16 digits of your card, expiration date, and the 3-digit cvc number on the back. You may send this by letter, telephone (425-369-1725), or email. No Fax. It is safe to leave your credit card information on my answering machine, but speak slowly. For email security give only 1234-5678-xxxx-xxxx -01/xx-2x2 first email, and xxxx-xxxx-9876-5432-xx/06-x3x second email. Unless you request not, I keep these numbers on file for future use, so you do not need to send each time you order. I do not have a secure server to accept your credit card directly online.
   Mailing Cash:   Cut a piece of cardboard larger than the banknotes, and tape the banknotes to it, then wrap with paper. Write "Photographs" on the envelope or customs declaration. A thief can not see through the cardboard. Or, you can use carbon paper or aluminum foil. Or send inside a thick Holiday or birthday card.

The U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control, which is in charge of administering financial sanctions against foreign governments and citizens, or possibly Paypal itself, uses unsophisticated software to automatically shut down accounts when certain names or countries are mentioned in conjunction with a payment. Paypal customer service reps either don't know about this, or claim not to. It can be difficult to restore the account. Examples of shut-down triggers given by other dealers or found online include "Cuba," "North Korea," "Shiraz" (a medieval mint city in Iran), tardigrade (a microscopic sea creature) and names found on the secret no-fly list. Obviously, innocence is no safeguard. The same thing could happen with Zelle or other funds forwarders, so we ask customers, whether in the US or abroad, to include NO COMMENTS when paying.
Why NOT to use Paypal   Blog: other downsides of using Paypal.

I try to remove sold items from the website immediately, but sometimes sold items will still appear. When I list a large amount of new material and notify customers by email, things can sell fast. I fill orders strictly as received from all sources (email, phone), so giving a second choice will not hurt your chances of getting the first choice. Another method is to list many items with the most wanted at top, and give a spending limit. I will fill from the top until that limit is met.