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This is perhaps the largest for-sale offering of numismtic titles for India. Listings are Alphabetical by author. There is also a more BIBLIOGRAPHIC LISTING by categories which includes information on useful titles not currently in stock. There are many other specilized works which I do not carry, and I suggest you order from one of these Indian dealers.    Listings in blue are standard references or important generalized works for their category. Red author name links to a scan of the cover, and red title links to a sample page, or contents page. [Estimates] in parentheses are informational, not a for-sale offer. Please let me know of any useful new titles not listed here. I also buy. Libraries and single copies are wanted.
Agrawal, Banu & Rai, SubasIndian Punch-Marked Coins   Analysis of a new 221-coin hoard, and metallurgy-based challenge to the Gupta-Hardaker classification scheme. Not a substitute for Gupta-Hardaker. Color plates, but too small to see details.   178p+8cpl, 7x10", hc, 199421.00
Allan, JohnCatalogue of the Coins of Ancient India (in BM)  Punchmark & Tribal series, now obsolete but still often referenced. Indian reprints can be found. [$7];   485p, 1936, 5.5x8.5", hc    Original edition with much better plates than the reprints: 125.00
Allan, JohnCoins of Gupta Dynasties and of Sasanka, King of Gauda (in BM)  Altekar has more comprehensive listings but photos are poor; the photos in this 1914 edition are much sharper.   323p, 1914125.00
Allan, JohnCoins of Gupta Dynasties and of Sasanka, King of Gauda (in BM)  Altekar's work replaces this informationally & is more comprehensive, but this is still a good collection and the photo record is worth having even at reprint quality.   323p+24pl, hc, 1914RIndia199115.00
Asiatic Soc. of Bengal (Mitra, S.K.)Numismatic Supplements I-XVI  Reprinting many important numismatic articles in the Journal As. Soc. of Bengal 1904-11 by Wright, Rodgers, Rapson, Taylor, etc; decent plates.  ~300p+29pl, hc, 197213.50
Asiatic Soc. of Bengal (Dikshit, K.N.)Numismatic Supplements XLVI, XLVII  Original publications 1935-36 and 1937-38 each with 10-12 articles  132p+5pl, 158p+14pl, sc, 1937+ Loose covers Each:9.00
Basu, S.P.Second Supplementary. Cat. of Coins to Vol. 1 (IMC)   Updates Smith's Coins of Ancient India (IMC#1), 197712.50
Bertsch, WolfgangThe Currency of Tibet.: A Sourcebook for the Study of Tibetan Coins, Paper Money and other Forms of Currency   Exhaustive bibliography of Tibet coins & paper, some Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh. Basic introduction and type catalog for coins & paper (color plates) with numismatic history not found in other Western publications. Well worth the price for either section alone. 139p+8pl+11cpl, sc, 6.5x9.5", 2002.15.00
Bhandare, Shailendra & Stevens, PaulBombay Billys: The British Coinage for the Malabar Coast - A Reappraisal   (Supl. to ONS Newsl. 172)    Building on Pridmore's work, the authors reattribute the Rupees and 1/5 Rs (Billys) based on larger groups studied. 22p, 8x12", sc, 2004.00
Bhatt, S.K.Ratlam State Coinage  Includes an extensive listing of "Raiz" coppr coinage.    44p+9pl, 6.5x9.5, sc, 19804.50
BhattacharyyaAspect of Cultural History of Sikkim in Coinage  Background on the single coin type issued by this semi-Indpendent state.  97p+14pl, 5.5x9", hc, 19846.50
Bhatt, Sethi & HolkarA Study of the Holkar State Coinage  Indore, standard.  248p+22pl, 1976  17.50
Bhatt, S.K.Nishka - The Rig Vedic Money   The case for Nishka, small copper beads in the shape of tools, animals, flowers, etc., as money or barter (vs. adornment) in the Vedic age.   36p+20pl+8 cpl, sc, 1998 14.50
Bhattacharyya & HandaPraci-Prabha: Perspectives in Indology Essays in honour of Professor B.N. Mukkherjee    Forty papers incl. 5 on numismatics, though many others related. Detailed bibliography with critiques of Prof. M's writings (100+ on coins). 488p+91pl, 7x9.5", hc,1989 New, but loose spine.27.50
Bhattasali, N.K. Coins & Chronology of the Early Independent Sultans of Bengal   Detailed discussion of coins in 1338-1441 period focusing on an important hoard.   184p+10pl, hc, 1922R1977, OP15.00
Bidyabinod, B.B.Non Mohammedan Series (First Supplementary Catalog of Coins in the IMC)  Updates Smith (IMC,Calcutta, Ancient series) including Assam & Nepal but no plates  1923R736.00
Bopearachchi & WickkremesinheRuhuna: An Ancient Civilisation Re-visited Early indigenous and foreign coins, seals & other metal objects from Ruhunu Rata & other sites, mostly unpublished. Good catalog & drawings with fair photos.   145p+41pl+2cpl, 8x11.5, 1999   REVIEW60.00
Bopearachchi & PieperAncient Indian Coins    Based on author's collection of 327 Indo-Gk/Scythian/Parthian (b&w plates) and 640 indigenous pre-Gupta Punch, tribal, Satavahana,Ksatrap, Kushan, etc.(b&w plates plus good liner drawings in catalog) ; historical & numsiamtic commentary. The real strength is in the Ujjain, Eran, Kausambi and related, with more such than any other reference, and many unpublished types; English text, no values.    289p+59pl, 21x30cm, sc, 1998, OP150.00
Bose, S. K.Coins and Tokens of Assam   A predecessor of the 2004 Rhodes & Bose work, now useful primarily for an extensive, though not well-illustrated, catalog of Tea tokens.   112p+17pl, sc, 6x9", 199916.50
Botham, A.W.Catalogue of the Provincial Coin Cabinet Assam  Ahom, Koch, & minor states.  589p+8pl, 6x9, hc1930IndR   (mediocre photocopy in binder $4)28.50
Brown, C.J.Coins of India  Standard brief intro before Gupta  120p+12pl, 5x7, sc. 1922R  (Better quality Forni reprint $15)   India reprints:4.00
Brown, C.J.Coins of the Mughal Emps. in the Prov. Mus. Lucknow   This is a series still lacking in a comprehensive specialized reference, so to supplement the sketchy coverage in KM, 4-5 different Museum catalogs are required. This is said to be the best among them. Good quality Indian reprint with added price guide by R.C. Senior, now nearly OP 575p+22pl, hc 1920R1985 (V.1/2 together)    Vol 1 (General info & Plates) can be dlownloaded HERE.85.00
Bruce, Deyell, Rhodes & Spengler Standard Guide to South Asian Coins and Paper since 1556 AD (Krause India)   India & subcontinent listings under one cover, including regular banknotes, coupons, Hundees, bonds, traveller's cheques, share certificates, etc. Paper collectibles not covered in other referencers, so still useful.  609p, hc, 1981 [$60] THIS BOOK IS IN AND OUT OF STOCK FREQUENTLY. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICE.ASK
Calcutta Coin Soc.An Exhibition of Indian Coins    Covers Assam, Tripura & Cooch Bihar, illustrating rare specimens. Legends transliterated.  26p+4pl, xox, 19741.50
Chakraborty, SwatiSocio-Religious and Cultural Study of the Ancient Indian Coins  Indian religion, clothing, jewelry, sports, etc. as reflected on coinage through the ages.  410p+10pl, 6x9", hc, 1986, OP25.00
Choudhury, R.D.A Sourcebook of Numismatic Studies in North East India V1, V2   Each vol reprints 24-33 articles on Assam region numismatics (mostly modern)   207p+16pl, 152p+12pl, 6.5x10, hc, 1986,87.  Each:10.00
Coin Study Circle Bibliography of the Coins of the Sultans of Bengal, plus Mints & Coin Dates of the S of B (2 titles)  Short but useful handbooks.  Set:4.50
Coin Study CircleMudra   V1#1, V1#2, V1#3,Spec (3/89); Club journal with letters, brief essays, etc. Vol. 1 has contact info for 16 coin dealers in Bombay. (Vol.1 alone $4)   80+p, sc, 12/87-3/89   Set of 4:15.00
Cribb, JosephThe Indian Coinage Tradition: Origins, Continuity & Change   An overview of Indian coinage keyed to lovely color plates, and discussion of problems in dating India's earliest coins, with plate of early karshapanas. From a 1999 paper to the British Academy.   63p+9pl, sc, 7x9.5, 200513.50
Cunningham, Sir A.Coins of Indo-Scythians, Sakas & Kushanas    "Classic" work of little use now. Mediocre reprint.  250p+24pl, 1888IndR197117.50
Desikachari, Sir T.South Indian Coins  Andhras through early Colonial, more history than catalog.  209p+6pl, 1933R19919.50
Elliot, Sir W.Coins of Southern India  Classic reference in this area.  151p+4pl, 8.5x11, hc, 1886IndR17.50
Elliot, Sir W.Coins of Southern India  Original 1886 version, oversize 10x13" with full-size plates. Tattered original soft covers rebound on card stock. Includes color map which my original hc does not have.65.00
Francis, PeterIndian Agate Beads   History, manufacture and typology of this widely traded bead category.   52p+2cpl, 5.5x8.5, sc,1982, OP12.00
Gabrisch, KarlGeld Aus Tibet   Concise history of Tibetan money and fairly comprehensive photo-illustrated type catalog including newly published items. Excellent photos. Best in-depth work on Tibet. German text.  74p+43pl, 21x21cm, sc, 199028.50
Ganesh & GirijapathyThe Coins of the Vijayanagar Empire, The Coins of Tamilnadu, Karnataka Numismatic Studies, The Coins of the Hoysalas   Four books cataloguing many of the South Indian series, including many types not in MItchiner's works. Good, enlarged photos of all types. These books are a great value and are available from the principal author K. Ganesh for $35 the set postpaid:
Ganesh, K.The Coins of Tamilnadu   Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras, Nayakas, Marathas, Sivaganga, Setupatis, Arcot Nawabs, ▒730 coins illustrated, 50% previously unpublished; English. Historical outlines by dynasty. No provenance. Some differences. in attribution. from Mitchiner.   236p, sc, 5.5x8.5", 20015.00
Gardner, PercyCatalogue of Indian Coins in the British Museum: Greek and Scythic Kings of Bactria and India   Historical outline, inscriptions, monograms, alphabet, typology & catalog with transliterated legends.    269p+32pl, hc, 1886   1989 India Reprint, poor plates: $10; 1971 India Reprint, fair plates: 16.00
Goron, S. & GoenkaCoins of the Indian Sultanates    Catalog of 3000+ types, most with translations & transliterations, cat #, photo, rarity estimate; bibliography, ruler index, mint index. This is a work of high scholarship well beyond previous standard works. 564p, hc, 2001  List Rs3000, Brief Synopsis95.00
Gray, John F.Tranquebar: A Guide to the Coinage of Danish India   History of Tranquebar & its coinage. Catalog with detailed descriptions. Market values. Though the Jensen works are a bit more up to date, this is still the most referenced catalog.   85p+12pl, hc, 6.25x9.25", 1975, OP  Used, signed copy, or near-new (small tears & yellowing on dj)35.00
Guillaume, OliverAnalysis of Reasonings in Archaeology: The Case of Graeco Bactrian and Indo Greek Numismatics  In-depth analysis of methods of attributing & dating coins, using problems of the Indo-Greek series. No illos. Important work for this series. English translation.  153p, 5.5x9, hc, 1987Tr199011.00
Gupta, P.L.Punch Marked Coins (A.P. Govt. Mus.)  Cataloguing several hoards acquired prior to the Amaravati; poor plates show 195 coins & 30 mould fragments.   135p+9pl, sc, 1960, ragged spine, loose covers.17.50
Gupta & JhaNumismatics & Archaeology: International Colloquium  Nineteen mainly interpretive papers by leading Western & Indian scholars on coin finds & their importance to archaeology & history  143p, sc, 1987 28.50
Handa, Dev., Ed.Ajaya Sri: Recent Studies in Indology: Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri Felicitation, 2v  21 papers on archaeology & history, 22 rather specialized papers on numismatics, 27 Art, Architecture & Iconography, 11 Religion, Philosophy, language & literature, a bibliography of Dr. Shastri's writings  384p+41pl/382p+42pl, 9x11, 1989125.00
Hardaker, TerryThe Makasha Fractional Coinage of Ancient India    Study of tiny Karshapana-like AR and debased AR of Mauryan period.   18p, 8.25x11.5", sc, 1999 BACKORDERED10.00
Henderson, J.R.The Coins of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan  History & good catalog  123p+9pl, 1921IndR9.00
Henderson, J.R.The Coins of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan  History & good catalog. Original 1921 edition with lovely plates. Some yellowing & shows moderate use.  123p+9pl, hc, 6x9.5, 192175.00
Herrli, HansCoins of the Sikhs, 2nd Ed.   A comprehensive catalog of Sikh coinage with background drawn from a thorough survey of the literature; scholarly yet very collector-friendly. The type/date catalogue, drawn from public and private collections, is organized by mint and includes transcriped, transliterated & translated legends, excellent enhanced rubbings as illustrations (no photos), tables of "secret marks," but a cumbersome numbering system. Many corrections and additional types since 1st ed., but already anErrata is needed.   313p, hc, 8.5x11", 200429.50
Herrli, HansCoins of the Sikhs    A comprehensive catalog of Sikh coinage with background drawn from a thorough survey of the literature.  262p, 8.5xll". hc, 1993   Note: An expanded 2004 edition exists. 13.50
Herrli, HansGold Fannams 1336-2000  Catalogs hundreds of varieties by main types, assigning to issuers where known, and distinguishing among genuine, later circulating imitations, forgeries, and post-1950 fabrications which constitute most of the types offered on the market today. Each variety illustrated with a clear drawing; enlarged color plates. The first serious work on this difficult series.   188p/pl, 8.5x12", hc, 200635.00
Hodivala, S.H.Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics    Collection of 25 scholarly articles on all aspects, particularly earlier rulers.  376p, hc,1923R197635.00
Humphris, J.G.Copper Coins of Mysore State, India 1780-1843 and Coins of India Price List... xoxR1.65
I.I.R.N.S., NasikNumismatic Digest   Research articles on Indian coinage  For contents of each, click on volume #:  V.7 1983  V.8 1984  V.9 1985  V.10 1986  V.11 1987  V.12/13 1988/89  V.14 1990  V.15 1991  $8.00 each;   V.16 199  V.17 1993  $12.00 each;   V.18 1994  V.19 1995  V.20 1996  V.21/22 1997-98  V.23/24 1999-2000  $17.50 each;   BACKORDERED V.25/26 2001-02, V.27/28 2003-04 and later.  $22.50 each  For V 1-7 see Num. Soc. Bombay.
Jensen,. U.B.Trankebarm┐nter 1620-1845  Comprehensive catalog with #'s, good drawings, prices 3 grades. Brief Danish/English text, X-ref to Gray & FR #'s, bibliography.   47p, 6x8", sc, 197810.00
Jensen,. U.B.Trankebarm┐nter 1620-1845, 2nd Ed.  Expanded text, revised prices & a few new varieties, otherwise a step down from the 1978 edition, with fewer illos, no appendices, Danish text.  2nd, 28p, 6x8", 199110.00
Jha, A.K.Medieval Indian Coinages: A Historical and Economic Perspective  24 papers on Vijayanagar, Tripura, Bengal & Delhi Sultans, Mughal Surat Mint, Peshwas, Travancore, etc. by top Indin and Western scholars.   275p, 8.5x11", sc, 200123.50
Jha, A.K.Coinage, Trade & Economy  27 papers by a who's who of Indian and Western scholars on the use of coinage within and between India and other places. Parthia, Tribal, Kuninda, Malava, Vanga, Satavhana, Silaharas, Maratha, Vijayanagar, Bihar, Ahom, Punjab; 6 papers on Indo-Roman trade, Mitchiner (5 plates), Wicks & Hall on S.E.Asian symbolic coinage, Ivotchinka on Chinese paper. Recommended.   236p, 8.5x10.5", hc, 199122.50
Jha, A.K. & Garg, S.Coinage of the Katoch Rulers of Kangra  Detailed catalogue with (fair) photos & transliterated inscrips. of 732 specimens from this horseman/inscrip. AE series. Establishes a new chronology for these Punjabi rulers.     116p,8x11,hc,1991, Brief Synopsis9.00
Jha, A.K. & RajgorStudies in the Coinage of the Western Ksatrapas    Catalog of 1063 entries with fair photos, chapters on hiostory, coinage, language and palaeography, metal analysis, datintg, and hoards 274p, 8x11", hc, 199422.50
Khan, Mohd. A.W.Bahmani Coins in the APG Museun(APG#7)  In-depth, ink rubbings  208p+36pl, 1964 Series poorly bound; loose covers, flaking spine, etc.14.50
Khan, Mohd. A.W.Copper Coins of Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur   40p, sc, 1980 Series poorly bound; loose covers, flaking spine, etc.3.75
Khan, Mohd. A.W.Gold and Silver Coins of the Sultans of Delhi (APG#)  82p+20pl, sc, 1974 Series poorly bound; loose covers, flaking spine, etc.6.50
Khan, Mohd. A.W.Qutub Shahi Coins (APG#)  59p+14pl,1961 Series poorly bound; loose covers, flaking spine, etc.10.00
Kothari, NarendraUjjayini Coins     History and background of the coinage and the Ujjain symbol with catalog of Malwa, Avanti, Surasena, and Ujjain series of cast copper and silver punchmarked coins.   128p, 5.5x8.5", sc, 200634.50
Kroh, DennisAncient Coin Reference Reviews   Critical reviews including usefullness, clarity, illos, availability & value. Essential for anyone buying books on Ancient Mediterranean coins.  Works on Indo-Greeks & successors included.  107p, 8.5x11, sc, 1993   24.50
Kulkarni, P. P.Coinage of the Bhonsla Rajas of Nagpur  Standard work on this 1699-1853 Sultanate.  261p, 199017.50
Liddle, AndrewCoinage of Akbar: The Connoisseur's Choice   Non-comprehensive type & mint catalog (42 AV; 77 AR; 67 AE) with known dates, all with written descriptions and illustrated in color plates (AE only fair). Chapters or appendices on mints, mint epithets, phrases, couplets in Arabic transliterated and translated, symbols & ornaments, dates, political history, rarity guide, numerous maps. Detailed review   89p+34cpl, 8.5x11.5, hc, 200527.50
Lingen, Jan & Wiggins, KenCoins of the Sindhias  Gwalior & dependencies, standard in-depth history and catalog. Uses sharp ink rubbings, much clearer than photos would be.  108p, 8.5x12, sc, 1978  32.50
Loventhal, Rev. E.The Coins of Tinnevelly  Karshapanas, tribal, Chola through small Kasu.  17p+4pl, sc, 5.5x8.5", 1888R1978   Photocopy reprint:.95
MacDowall, David W. & Jha, Amiteshwar, EdForeign Coins found in the Indian Sub-continent   Colloquium papers on Greek, Roman, Chinese, Venetian coins, by Mitchiner, B.N. Mukherjee, MacDowall, Berghaus, Rajgor, P.L. Gupta, Alan Stahl, etc. Click on Title to see contents pages.   132p, sc, 8.5x11.5, 199532.50
Madras Coin SocSpecial Bulletins   Vol. 1-7 (1994-2000), Over 500 pages of articles on South Indian coinage, mostly AE Kasu and gold fannams, but some Ancient, Islamic & Colonial issues; scan shows contents of 2000 volume only. Mostly English, some Tamil. Set plus membership directory & photo plates of new discoveries.33.50
Maheshwari & WigginsMaratha Mints & Coinage  History and mint-oriented catalogue of this complex series; genaeologies, lists of legends & symbols, etc. Standard.  224p, hc, 198922.50
Maity, S.K.Early Indian Coins & Currencty Systems  Analysis of gold Kushan, Sassanian, Gupta, Tomara & other, supporting idea that chronology of dynasties can be fixed from declining gold content. Essays on coins as tools for historical study, exchange systems of early India, Gupta culture as deduced from coins. Well indexed, no plates.  148p, hc ,5.5x8.5, 19706.50
Majumdar, S.M.Coins of Malhar    Discussion and catalog of a tribal AE series excavated at Malhar in Madhya Pradesh; 34p+10pl, 7x9.5", sc, 20009.50
Mallick, B.S.Money Banking and Trade in Mughal India   Deals with Gujarat & Bengal: Currencies & exchange values, mints, trade routes, taxation, English trade & indigenous practices. Maps, appendices.   198p, 5.5x9", hc, 199115.00
Marshall, P.J.New Cambridge History of India: Bengal, The British Bridgehead Eastern India 1740-1828   Origins of British control.   210p, 5.5x8.5, hc, 1987R1990, Unused15.00
Mears, BarbaraAnantasayanam and Thirai Cash of Venad and Travancore  Background and catalog of 90 AE kasu of the southern tip of India (expanding on 30 listings in Mitchiner 1998 v.2). First comprehensive work on the vast kasu series. 39p, 8.5x15, sc, 2001, Supl. to ONS Newsletter #1665.00
Mitchiner, MichaelOrigins of Indian Coinage   Controversial work on punchmarked coins, attributing them by kingdom, dynasty, ruler, and mint  174p+9pl, sc, 1974  L£10   25.00
Mitchiner, Dr. MIndo-Greek & Indo-Scythian Coinage    Comprehensive coverage with numbering system and profuse photos in familiar Mitchiner format. More depth on series than Ancient & Classical volume. Current standard for Greek series; for Indo-Scythian see the new work by Robert Senior. Single volumes $45.00; Set of 9 volumes, 8x12", softcover, ▒1100 pages385.00
Mitchiner, MichaelAncient & Classical World 600BC-600AD (OC&V #2)  The entire ancient world, except Europe, in one volume: Origins of Western coinage, ancient Middle eastern series, Indo-Greek, Kushan, punchmark series, Tribal & later Indian, pre-T'ang China. Extensive historical & numismatic background on all series. Detailed listings with weights, transcription & translation of all legends, convenient format with listings & photo plates side by side. M#'s are widely used and this is still an important reference. Later works expand upon and reattribute certain series: Southern India Part 1 &2, Southeast Asia..  760p, 8.5x12, 1978R   Sample Page  Out of print. INQUIRE
Mitchiner, MichaelNon-Islamic States & Western Colonies AD600-1979 (OC&V #3)  More than 4750 coins catalogued with photos: 1) India from the fall of the Guptas through rise of Islam, 2) Colonial & modern India & Ceylon, 3) Nepal, Assam, Tripura, Arakan, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Malay peninsula & Indonesia 600 AD to present, 4) (less useful) China, Japan, Annam & Korea from T'ang to present. Dynastic tables, historical background. Rendering in original script with translation for most coins. The India section alone is worth the price. Important listings of S.E. Asian odd & curious items. M#'s are widely used and this is still an important reference. Later works expand upon and reattribute certain series: Southern India Part 1 &2, Indian Tokens,Southeast Asia, Bangladesh.  640p, 8.5x12, 1979   List £125225.00
Mitchiner, Dr. M.World of Islam (OC&V #1)  Survey (4011 listings) of Islamic coins from Spain through India to Indonesia with weights, transcription and translation of legends, a widely-used numbering system, convenient side-by-side catalogue and plates, values. Historical background and useful dynastic lists for each series. Extensive mint listing. Contents in English & Arabic. For India it is useful, but not a primary reference. A later Index to this work by H. Edmund Hohertz (Supplement to O.N.S. Newsletter 155, March, 1998) laid in (xerox).   503p, 8.5x12, 1977R1998   List £125   Other Mitchiner titles 225.00
Mitchiner, Dr. M.Coinage and History of Bangladesh and Later Arakan  Numismatic & political history of Bangladesh with catalog of 420 coins, ca. 300 BC through Arakan kings. Not comprehensive in listings, but enlarged photos, transliterations & translations of legends, etc. assure its continued usefulness where Goron (Bengal Sultans) & Robinson (Arakan) provide more complete listings.  160p, 8.5x12, hc, 2000   Other Mitchiner titles  L£60110.00
Mitchiner, Dr. M.The Coinage and History of Southern India Part 1: Karnataka-Andhara  More northerly states, 1225 listings incl. tiny AE Kasu & gold fannam types, much historical background. Vijayanagar, Nayakas, Mysore, etc. Values  280p, hc, 1998,  L£60110.00
Mitchiner, Dr. M.The Coinage and History of Southern India Part 2: Tamilnadu-Kerala  As above, southerly states, 1289 listings, Vijayanagar, Nayakas, Travancore, etc.  288p, 1998   Other Mitchiner titles  L£60110.00
Mitchiner, Dr. M.Indian Tokens: Popular Religious & Secular Art   1080 pieces (mainly silver) catalogued & illustrated, the majority for the first time.  Mainly Temple Tokens, plus jeweler copies of EICo Murshidabad issues, imitation Venetian ducats, local bracteate temple tokens, Independence tokens, Diwali medals, festival, pilgrim and even Christian tokens, canteen tokens, and gold/silver bullion tokens.  240p, hc, 12.5x8.5, 1998  L£60&   Other Mitchiner titles110.00
Mitchiner, Dr. M.Ramatankas: Hindu Religious Tokens Illustrating Themes from Ramayana    Brief but cogent illustrated introduction to "temple tokens." Sixty six of the more interesting pieces from his collection ar color-plated, making this both a primer and a supplement to the more expensive Indian Tokens work.   35p+4cpl, 7x9.5", sc, 200111.00
Mitterwallner, G.Kusana Coins and Kusana Sculptures From Mathura  only for the Kushan specialist; 14 coin plates  228p+86pl, 7x10, sc, 198620.00
Moin, DanishCoins of the Delhi Sultanates  Brief, illustrated dynasty-by-dynasty history of the series with appendices on mints and types by ruler. Not a catalog. 54p, 7x9", sc, 19998.00
Moin, DanishCoinage of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan: A Typological Study   Background, with some interesting new attributions of early type. Good catalog and plates, but does not show examples for each mint.   56p+3pl, 9.5x7, sc, 200313.50
Mukherjee, B.N.The Indian Gold.: An Introduction to the cabinet of the gold coins in the Indian Museum   Great survey work with catalog and color photos of 200+ coins.  100p+21cpl, 8.5x11, hc, 1990  16.00
Mukherjee, B.N.Kushana Silver Coinage  92p+9pl, hc, 1986.00
Mukherjee, B.N.Art in Gupta and Post-Gupta Coinages of Northern India   Lectures on artistic aspects of Gupta, post-Gupta, and other Indian coinages (Bull & horseman, Hunas, etc.). A useful perspective. Enlarged b&w plates (fair)  105p+48pl, 7.5x10, 19857.00
Mukherjee & Lee, P.Technology of Indian Coinage  Articles on minting in Early & Medieval India (Mukherjee) & modern times (P.K.D. Lee) with appendices on origins of Indian coinage, foreign influences & early metal sources. Decent plates.  88p+26pl, 7.5x9.5, hc, 198820.00
Mukherjee, DollyCoins of Republic of India  Useful background history and stats.  17p+6pl, 7x10, sc, 19851.85
Murphy, PaulSilver Punchmarked Coinage: Kosala State Region  Kosala State punchmarks c.600-470BC: in-depth history, catalog & glossary of symbols. Non-consecutive numbering. Same size & format as Gupta-Hardaker. First in Ahata Project series on punchmarks; will be available in CD Rom. 107p, sc, 8.5x11, 200115.00
Murthy, A.V. NThe Coins of Karnataka   Not a catalog, but a good introduction to Hindu and Moslem coinages of South India, including Mysore, but weak on Kasu. Drawings in text.  250p, hc, 5.5x8.5, 197515.00
Narain, A.K.The Coin Types of the Indo-Greek Kings  Handbook for the series describing typ[es by King. No illustrations.  46p, sc, 1955R68  3.50
Narain, A.K., Ed.Seminar Papers on the Local Coins of Northern India 300 BC to 300AD 32 essays on Tribal coins; few illos.     223p, 6x9.5, sc, 1968. Spotting on cover.20.00
Narayana, N.S.Catalogue of Vijayanagar Coins in the Madras Govt. Museum   Backaground & museum-style catalogue of 645 AE and AV coins; poor plates  62p+5pl, hc, 19773.00
Niyogi, RomaMoney of the People: A Survey of Some 18th-19th Century Tokens of India  History, use, symbolism and selective catalog (114 pcs) of Hindu Ramatankas (Temple tokens). Also covers jewelry imitations of EICo Bengal rupees & a few other tokens. Decent plates.  92p+20pl, hc, 1989  OP & in demand25.00
Num. Soc. BombayNumismatic Digest  Typically about 25 brief scholarly articles per volume, mostly in-depth works on a particular coin, inscription, or limited series, including hoard reports. Leading Indian & Western scholars. V.1-5 consist of 2 parts ech; 6x9.5",sc,6/77-12/82. (For V.7-24+ see author: I.I.R.N.S.). Each "part".:5.50
Num. Soc. IndiaJournal of the Numismatic Society of India   Vol.I (1939) - Vol IX,Pt.2 (12/1948); Vol.XXVI (1964) - XL (1978), many but not all issues available. Some reprints, some used, some new. (See Bibliographies above for other N.S.I. publications)   Each: 8.00
Num. Soc. IndiaIndex to the Journal of the Numismatic Society of India   Set of 3 volumes covering Vol.I (1939) - Vol XXX(1968) with both Author and Subject indexes.   3v., 181p, 6.5x9.5, 1950/59, Set:6.00
Num. Soc. IndiaBibliography of Indian Coins, Part 1: (Ancient)   Set of 4 volumes covering 1939-1980, indexed by dynasty, ruler, and author.  Set .17.50
Num. Soc. IndiaBibliography of Indian Coins, Part 2: (Muhammedan/Medieval-Modern)   Set of 4 volumes covering 1939-1980, indexed by dynasty, ruler, and author.  Set .16.50
Num. Soc. IndiaSixty Years of the Numismatic Society of India (1910-1971) History and Presidential Addresses:    A running history of Indian numismatic research by some of its formost scholars in the form of a compendium of annual Presidential addresses since 1912. History of the Society, membership list with addresses, coin-dealer members, etc.   607p, 6x9.5", sc, 1973, Spitting & tears in cover.15.00
Panish, CharlesCoinage of Ladakh   Silver timasha coinage in Persian & Nagari for this West-Tibetan state, history & catalog. Article in ANA Museum Notes #16, 1970 p.185-88 + Pl.XXXVII   (original offprint $5)   Photocopy:.50
Plant, RichardGreek, Semitic, Asiatic Coins & How to Read Them   The only work linking alphabet charts, transliterations, and clear line illustrations of coins with brief overview of the coinage itself in such a way that the reader can learn by example to translate coin legends. Includes exercises with answer key. Not only Ancient Mediterranean & Semitic, but India, Tibet, Thailand, China & Orient as well.   257p, hc, 7x10", 1979, OP [$125] THIS BOOK COMES IN AND OUT OF STOCK FREQUENTLY. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR CURRENT STOCK STATUS AND PRICEASK
Prabhu, Govinda & Pai, N.The Alupas, Coinage and History    History and catalog of Karnatic dynasty 5th-15th C.; Catalog of 180 coins with color photos and enlarged drawings. Information on forgeries. A thorough and attractively presented work on this limited series of gold fannams and Pagodas.   200p+40cpl, hc, 7x9.5", 2006   Author's review.    Hardcover version (not available in India)30.00
Prakash, VidyaCoinage of South India (An Introductory Survey)  Description, metrology and catalog of selected early coins: Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas, Cheras.  103p+7pl, 6x9-.5, sc, 1968 loose covers3.00
Radhakrishnan, P.V.Roman Gold & Silver Coins from India: A Collectors Guide   Brief chapters on hoard finds and Indo-Roman trade, but essentially a guide to basic coin types for Indian collectors unfamiliar with Roman coins. 43p+8pl, sc, 7x9.5", 19998.00
Rahman, Aman UrZahir Uddin Muhammad Babur. A Numismatic Study   Historical and numismatic background of this Central Asian series which preceded Akbar's more Indianised issues. Catalog employs multiple, beautifully color-photographed specimens and computer enhancements to clearly illustrate types for the first time. Includes Agra AE, countermarks, forgeries.   103p+37cpl,8.5x12, hc, 2005, Reviewed inONS Newsletter #184, price $50   For ordering information contact author.
Rajgor, DilipPunch-marked Coins of Early Historic India   Comprehensive catalog of 1288 types (289 illos) of pre-&-Mauryan punchmarks attributed to issuing states by hoard provenance. Includes rarity rating, symbol index, identification guide, price supplement in $. Recent forgeries. Plates on good paper in hc edition; Sample pages.   261p+16pl, 7.25x10, hc, 2001 (sc exists);   REVIEW by Terry Hardaker.67.50
Rajgor, DilipCollectors Guide to Mughal Coins   Illustrated handbook showing the standard arrangments by type for each Emperor plus lists of couplets, mint names, etc.    48p, sc, 5.5x8.5", 20027.50
Rajgor, DilipNumismatic Directory of India   Sections with full contact details for: Collectors, Societies/Clubs, Scholars,Institutions, Universities, Museums, Websites, Mints/Presses, Dealers, Dealer specialty index.   168p, 5.5x8.5", sc, 2004; BACKORDERED19.50
Rajgor, DilipIndia Coin Society Newsletter (Bombay)   News & brief articles, mostly on new finds. INDEX . Collected under a single soft cover: #1-20 and #21-34, Each:15.00
Rapson, E.J.Indian Coins   A brief but useful overview of Greek-style, Tribal, Gupta, and some Medieval series; 56p+5pl, 1897;   (India reprint, poor plates 5.00);   US 1968-69 Reprint as TheCoinage of Ancient and Medieval India, sc, good plates:17.50
Rao, RamaVishnukundin Coins (APG)  Monograph on a hoard of the Lion/Vase type.  41p+6pl, sc, 19634.00
Rao, RamaSatavahana Coins (APG)  Discussion & catalog.  69p+20pl, sc, 1961   Cover or pages may be loose.12.50
Rao, RamaEastern Calukyan Coins (APG)  Monograph on a hoard of the Lion/Trident & Stand coinage  14p+6pl, sc, 1963   Cover or pages may be loose.5.00
Rao, RamaSelect Gold & Silver Coins (APG)   Brief monograph on late South Indian gold and silver punchmarked coins.  14p+4pl, sc, 19632.50
Rapson, E.J.B.M. Catalog of the Coins of the Andhar Dynasty, the Western Ksatrapas The Traikutaka Dynasty and the 'Bodhi' Dynasty  (1967 London reprint with decent plates $60)   Indian Reprint15.00
Rapson, E.J.B.M. Catalog of the Coins of the Andhar Dynasty, the Western Ksatrapas The Traikutaka Dynasty and the 'Bodhi' Dynasty  1908 Original, rebound with original spine somewhat ragged, some color pencil markings within. Plates far better than any reprint. 150.00
Reddy, D. & ReddyCoins of the Meghavahana Dynasty of Coastal Andhra   Dynasty in Kalinga (Deccan & coastal Andhra) whose coins are often confused with Satavahana  24p, sc, 5.5x8.5, 19853.00
Reddy, D. & Reddy, P.S.Coins of the Satraps of the Satavahana Era  Well-illustrated catalog of Deccan dynastic issues c. 80BC - 200AD, mostly base-metal coins with Lion, Bull, Elephant designs   118p, 5.5x9", sc, 19836.00
Reddy, D. & Reddy, P.S.Uninscribed Coins of Andhra  Symbolic Tribal series  80p, sc, 5.5x8.5, 19844.50
Reddy, D. & ReddySilver Coins of the Bahmanis  Catalog of the 16 known silver types  9p, sc, 5.5x8.5, 19831.50
Rhodes, N. & Bose, S.K.The Coinage of Assam, Volume I, Pre-Ahom Period    Early Medieval coins of Assam, Samatata gold coinage and the victory coins of the Bengal Sultans relevant to Assam. Part II covers Ahom period.    134p+9pl+2cpl, hc, 2003 22.50
Rhodes, N. & Bose, S.K.The Coinage of Assam, Volume II, Ahom Period   Standard work for series. Historical & numismatic background plus excellent catalog of Ahom Kingdom (1648-1824) coins showing virtually every die variety, all illustrated with good plates. As many contemporary as well as modern forgeries exist, this comprehensive catalog serves as a definitive authentiction tool. Appendices on die study, forgeries, inscriptions & dating. Rarity scale.   139p+36pl hc, 7.5x10", 2004   See Vol. I (Pre-Ahom) under Medieval section above.22.50
Rhodes, N. & Bose, S.K.The Coinage of Cooch Behar   Political & numismatic history; relationship with Bhutan coinage; detailed & well-illustrated catalog of 80 types with clear line drwings and photo plates.    111p+19pl, 5.5x8.5", hc, 1999; 12.50
Rhodes, N. & Bose, S.K.The Coinage of Tripura   New standard work on this Assamese state with catalog of 306 types, all illustrated. Sections on coinage, history, forgeries, orders, decorations, medals, seals, ramatanka and hoards. Rarity ratings. Well printed on glossy stock; good plates.    124p+17pl+1cpl, 7.5x10", 20022.50
Rhodes, N. & Bose, S.K.A History of the Dimasa Kacharis As seen through their Coinage   Extensive political and numismatic history of this 1502-1819 Assamese dynasty, known for its rare, broad-flan Rupees. . Catalog of about 200 coins of 59 major types, plus section on 1960s forgeries. Limited printing, 500 copies.   128p+12pl, 7.25x9.5", hc, 200623.50
Rhodes, Gabrisch, & ValdettaroThe Coinage of Nepal 576AD - 1911  Standard scholarly & collector work.  250p+51pl, hc, 1989  Nearly out of Print, you may stilll be able to find copies around $7595.00
Richards,J. F., Ed.Precious Metals in the LaterMedieval & Early Modern Worlds  Sixteen scholarly papers on the monetary linkages between major world regions in the period 1200 to 1800 AD presented at a symposium on Mughal numismatics, hence focus on Asia.    500p, hc, 6.25x9.25, 1983, OP & Rare125.00
Robinson & ShawCoins and Banknotes of Burma   Excellent, in-depth historical and numismatic work,from ancient Pegu and Arakan through modern banknotes, animal weights. Good plates, valuations. Well written & produced; standard reference. 160p+4pl/12cpl, 1980, sc27.50
Robinson, M. et alArticles (from MacDowall et al) inc. Goron, Wiggins on Arakan, Sitamau, trade ducats   35p xox3.00
Rodgers, Chas. J.Catalogue of the Coins in the Government Museum, Lahore, Part I: Mughal  Catalogues 1559 Mughal and 257 Suri coins, primarily silver & copper. Cross-index by mint   292p, 6.5x10", hc, 1891R1972 20.00
Rodgers, Chas. J.Miscellaneous Mohmmedan (Part II, Panjab Museum Cat.)   Catalogues Sultanate coins, plus some Sikh, Durrani, Qajar, Chaghatai, Shaybanid, Golden Horde, & State. Mint & Ruler indexes. No illustrations.  227p, 6.5x10", hc, 1894R198520.00
Sarasan, BeenaCoins of the Venad Cheras   Earliest silver through "Rajaraja" coppers,later kasu and gold fannams, well catalogued with clear, enlarged photos; 150 types shown   94p, sc, 5.5x8", 200013.50
Sarasvati & SinghCoinage in Ancient India (2v)  Review of Indian numismatics for archaeologists, emphasizing metallurgy & summarizing the work of several authors. Unusual approach!  577p+24pl, 2v, hc, 1968R198655.00
Scholten, CThe Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories 1601- 1948   Standard numismatic reference and catalog for Dutch colonies in the East Indies, India, Ceylon, Caribbean, etc. Includes plantation & other tokens. Meticulously researched and clearly presented. English edition of 1953 original.    176p+20pl, softcover, R1981 29.50
Schulman, JacquesCollection of H. T. Grogan   Reprint of 1914 sale of Asian Colonial series with good plates, 2280 lots. Long-time standard source reference for Colonial series, most useful for Portuguese India.   140p+18pl30.00
Semans, ScottComposites: Coins of India   All priced offerings 1978-6/01 broken down by state, dynasty, etc. Due to be reprinted 2005.  ▒65p▒3.00
Seetharaman, et al(Tamil Booklets)   Set of 3 booklets in Tamil discussing & illustrating rare or recently discovered items, mainly AE Kasu, with partial description by B. Mears. 3v., 133p, sc, 5.5x8", 2002?15.00
Senior, RobertIndo-Scythian Coins and History   (3 vol.)   v1) 260p; Indo-Scythian & Parthian. Historical background & analysis of coinage, including new theories on dating & identity of kings, v2) 252p; Catalog, all known types, comprehensive, v3) 72p; line drawings & tables serve as an identification tool   Large 8.5x12", hc, 2001 List $175 (A fourth volume was expected)160.00
Senior, Robert & MacDonald The Decline of the Indo-Greeks   "The decline of the Indo-Greeks: A reappraisal of the chronology from the time of Menander to that of Azes"; Numerous coin photos; Bilingual English/Greek   126p, 7x10", sc, 199825.00
Sharif, Dr. K.N.Catalogue and Pricelist of Indian Coinage 1862-1956  Prices by date & mint  36p, sc, 19811.50
Sharif, Dr. K.N.Hundred Years of Indian Coinage   Historical background, mint and variety details on British Indian & Republic coinage 1858-1957. Well produced & printed. Better enlarged photos help in attributing coins more than KM or Pridmore.  215p, hc, 1979   (Copy without dust jacket & some stain inside front covers $42);    new in box:50.00
Sharma, I.K.Coinage of Satavahana Empire   A thorough review of Satavhana coinage and history, not a catalog as-such  317p+20pl, 7.5x10, hc, 198012.00
Sharma, R. M.Coinage of Tripura  History & coinage (catalogued) of Manikya Kings, ca. 1400-1947  44p+2pl, 6.5x9.5, sc, 19801.85
Shastri, A.M. Ed.Coins and Early Indian Economy  Series of 16 papers by Sharma, Singh, Gupta, Lahiri, Bajhpai, etc.  181p, sc, 5.5x8.5, 19768.50
Shrimali, K.M.History of Pancala, Vol 1 - A Study, Vol 2 - Corpus of Coins   A multidimensional study of nearly 3000 coins of this Tribal series. "Very specialized but important"-SA Fair plates.  272/156p, 57/19pl, 8.5x11.5, 1983/855.00
Singh, Jai PrakashCoinage of Bengal and its Neighbourhood  Ancient (2), Bengal Sult, Tripura (3) & Kachar  40p+2pl, 6x9, sc, 19801.95
Singh, Jai PrakashHistory and Coinage of Skandagupta Kramaditya  Detailed study of this Gupta ruler (ca 460-468 AD) who restored the glory of his dynasty. A chapter on coinage.  155p+1pl, 6x10, hc, 19769.50
Singh & Ahmad, Ed.Seminar Papers on the Tribal Coins of Ancient India  13 papers   218p, 6x9.5, hc, 19778.00
Singhal, C.R. The Sultans of Gujarat (P.O.W. Mus., Bombay)  Standard, in-depth catalog, now superceded by Goron & Goenka. Original 1936 edition  154p+11pl, hc, 193619.50
Singhal, C.R. Mint Towns of the Mughal Emperors of India (NSI#4), 19532.25
Sircar, D.C.(Early Indian) Numismatic & Epigraphical Studies  8 papers on ancient Indian coins + 4 on epigraphy  180p+8pl, hc, 7.5x10, 197717.50
Sircar, D.C.Studies in Indian Coins  21 articles covering Tribal coins through George V.  405p+46pl, 5.5x8.5, hc, 196817.50
Spink & SonsThe Gold and Silver Coins of Goa   Reprint of a Spink/Glendining sale of 440 lots, prices realized, introduction by D. Fearon  21p+4pl, sc, 1975  some water damage3.65
Taisei. Spink-Taisei, Gillio, Ma, Monetarium, etc. Auctions #1 (4/86) through #39 (9/04)    Hong Kong & Singapore venues THE most important auction series for Oriental coins & paper, often with significant India offerings.  (#9 India gold $35)  I now have more of the recent ones, so if you ordered before, please ask again. Available catalogs:12.00
Stone, A.G.Indian Campaigns 1778-1914   Listing of military & naval campaigns involving India, and medals awarded.   18p, sc,7x9, 197412.50
Subrahmanyam, R.Ikshvaku Coins (APG)  lead elephants  48p+15pl, sc, 19624.50
Subrahmanyam, R.Yadava Coins (APG)  gold "padmatanka" punchmark  22p+6pl, sc, 19653.50
Taylor, Geo. P.The Coins of Tipu Sultan   Far from complete history & catalogue, but nice plates.  32p+2pl, 6x9.5, hc, 1913IndR1989 6.50
Thakkar, Parful K.Collector's Guide To Indian Canteen Tokens   Mint, Hotel, Railway, Bank, Club, Company, Military, Co-op, Factory tokens; 294 pcs catalogued, most with color photos. Nicely done.   88p, sc, 6x8.3", 2004 14.00
Thakur, Ashok SinghCoins of Jahangir   Mini-"coffee table" book with historical and numismatic background, and lovely color photos. Basic info on couplets, mints, etc. but not a detailed catalog.   32p, sc, 5.5x8.5", 20067.50
ThirugnanasamKanchi Pallava Coins  Madras Museum & hoard specimens  51p+6pl, 5.5x8, sc, 19894.00
Thomas, EdwardThe Chronicles of the Pathan Kings of Delhi  Political and numismatic history with many woodcut illos and plates, but not strictly a catalog.  (Original with loose front cover, etc., needs rebinding, slight water staining on plates $100)   450p, hc, 1871RInd196719.50
Thurston, EdgarHistory of the Coinage of the Territories of the East India Co. in the Indian Peninsula and Catalogue of the Coins in the Madras Museum  Drawn mainly from the records of the Madras Mint, a chronological history of coinage from all Presidencies, plus a catalog of Madras Museum holdings, some not in Pridmore. Fair drawing/litho plates.   123p+20pl, 1890 India Reprint, 19926.00
Trivedi, S.D.Western Ksatrapa Coins (APG)  50p+2pl, sc, 19646.50
Turner, P. J.Roman Coins from India (RNS #22)  Detailed study of hoards & Roman-Indian trade patterns.  150p+8pl+3map, hc, 1989  L£1829.50
Valentine, W.H.The Copper Coins of India (Vols. 1-2)   Good reference on North Indian copper of Native State & EICo period. Excellent line drawings. Legends transliterated. Even with KM and Mitchiner this is still useful and V#'s sometimes referenced.   (There is a 1971 London reprint in one volume which sells for about $20, also poor-quaity India reprints of 1994 & 2002)   1st Ed. 266p&pl, 2v, hc, 191445.00
Van't Haaff, AnneCoinages of Saurashtra and Surasena   Second volume in the ABATA series on punchmarked coins, deals with two pre-Mauryan kingdoms ca. 500-50 BC. REVIEW   120p, sc, 2004, List $2524.50
Vanaja, RIndian Coinage (Delhi Museum Cat.)  Brief, well-illustrated introduction to Indian coinage through the Colonial period. 200 front & back (mostly enlarged) photos plus 8 color plates of gold serve as an attribution guide and illustrate some important rarities in the Delhi Museum. Well-printed, good plates.  115p+pl, 8x11, 1983, sc, OP17.50
Walsh, E.H.CPunchmarked Coins From Taxila (Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India No. 59 & 60)   A hoard of 1176 early "bar" types & fractionals, plus 167 pieces of later type found in Bhir Mound, Taxila. 1991 reprint with fairly decent plates.  168p+48pl, 9x11.5, hc, 1939R199135.00
Whitehead, R.B.Catalogue of Coins in the Punjab Museum, Lahore, Vol 2: Mughal  3277 Mughal AE,AR,AV  556p+21pl,1934PakR1977   Mediocre-quality reprint, mould spotting on cover.   Supposedly can be dlownloaded HERE, if you can figure out how to do it.15.00
Whitehead, R.B.Catalogue of Coins in the Punjab Museum, Lahore, Vol 3: Nadir Shah and the Durrani Dynasty   Much numismatic and historical information plus catalog of 1327 AE,AR,AV coins of this Afghan dynasty which ravaged N.W. India in the 18-19th Century; standard work on series  196p+14pl, 1934PakR1977  Mediocre reprint, mould spotting on cover.12.00
Wiggins, Ken& Lingen, Jan Coins of the Sindhias  Gwalior & dependencies, standard in-depth history and catalog. Uses sharp ink rubbings, much clearer than photos would be.  108p, 8.5x12, sc, 1978  32.50
Wiggins, Ken & MaheshwariWigginsMaratha Mints & Coinage  History and mint-oriented catalogue of this complex series; genaeologies, lists of legends & symbols, etc. Standard.  224p, hc, 1989   BACKORDERED22.50
Wood, AllenGold Coin Types of the Great Kushans   NSI  39p+4pl, sc, 1959 OP5.00
Wright, H.N.Coins of the Sultans of Delhi & Contemporary Dynasties (Ind. Mus. Cat. v. II)   Prior to Goron-Goenka this was still a standard work, especially for the non-Delhi Sultanates   280p+24pl, 1907R1972, Indian reprint with fair plates20.00
Wright, H.N.(Coins of the) Mughal Emperors of India (IMC #3)  One of the more useful Museum catalogs on Mughal.  360p+22pl, 1907IndR1972  Poor quality India reprint, plates fair.   Supposedly can be dlownloaded HERE, if you can figure out how to do it.FIND IT
Yarwood, John F.Military Tokens of the British Commonwealth   An expansion of his popular 1988 work, with over 500 listings, including China, Egypt, India, South Africa, plus 18th & 19th Century trade tokens with military themes, Scottish, Irish, Welsh regimentals, Air Force, Navy, Canteen, and a large section on military-related tokens.    193p, 8x11.5", sc, wire binding, 2006 36.50
Dasgupta et. al, Ed.Shraddhanjali: Studies in Ancient Indian History - D.C. Sircar Commemoration Volume  Essays on Assam-region but only 2 on coins.  444p+pl, hc, 198830.00
Day, Nundo LalGeographical Dictionary of Ancient & Medieval India   Alphabetical listing of place names with location and discussion of each, updated 1990; somewhat useful  262p, 8.5x11, 1927IndR19949.50
Fritz & MitchellCity of Victory: Vijayanagara   Popular archaeological work  118p,hc,10x12, 1991 L$49.95 18.50
Grewal, J.S.The Sikhs of the Punjab (New Cambr. Hist. of India)  Latest comprehensive history of Punjabi dynasty  289p, 5.5x8.5, sc, 199411.00
Sashy, K.A.N.The Pandyan Kingdom  Standard historical work  250p, hc, 1929IndR1978.50

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