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102 Carson, R.A.G Coins of the World A general discussion and description of world coinages of all periods with separate catalogue of 1061 electrotype specimens. A different approach to cataloguing. 642pp+64pl, hc, 196219.50
103 Pick, Bruce, Shafer Standard Catalog of World Paper Money   V. 1 7th Ed; V. 2 5th, 6th, 8th Ed. Nice used hardcovers. Each:9.00
107 First New H. The Story of Money 16p color comic, 1962 by New Haven bank encouraging kids to start savings acct4.00
108 Hollender, K. Scripophily: Collecting Bonds and Share Certificates Facts-on-File 1982, 143p, hc. Well-illustrated*9.00
112 Ede, James Complete View of the Gold and Silver Coins of All Nations, With Their Names, Assay, Weight and SterlingValues . . .Also Sir Isaac Newton's Tables of Foreign gold & Silver coins . . .   (1808) first edition. A goldsmithÕs guide to circulating coins, 400+ beautiful copper-plate engravings, tables of fineness. 73p Covers battered & fr. cover broken away, top of spine missing, "L W Lacy" inked on title page.   See similar editions on abebooks. 90.00
113 Scott, J.W. Standard Coin Catalogue No. 1: Silver Coins of the World 1906 ed, original?? 157p nice condition*10.00
114 Sten, Geo. Banknotes of the World Vol 1 (Aden-China & 2 (Colombia-Kuwait) First attempt at a comprehensive world banknote catalog, 1967, only 2 vols. published. 394p, values Covers scuffed, creased Pair:20.00
116 Sowards, Neil The Handbook of Check Collecting 97p, sc, 1975, probably long out of print15.00
117 White, Horace Money and Banking Illustrated by American History "Important for banking in colonial times" -Clain-Stefanelli 488p, hc, 5.5 x9", 1895R1968. Nearly new*16.00
126 Friedberg, R. International coin Catalogue   Covers US, Canada, and world Crowns with the firm's actual selling prices, 1960, 176p, sc2.50
129 Yeoman, R.S. Current Coins of the World and Modern World Coins, Japanese editions, uncommon!   Set of 12th ed MWC soffcover, and 7th ed CCW hardcover25.00
130 Magazine World Coin Bulletin, digest precursor to Worlds Magazine, some still-intesting articles. Six different 1961-6219.00
131 Smith, Kenneth E. Catalogue of World Transportation Tokens and Passes except North America   Standard work, though the author has been slowly publishing expanded revisions by category of token   319p, hc, 1967. Signed copy, nice used15.00
133 Royal Numismatic Society The Numismatic Chronicle, 1987   Annual hc collection of articles, notes, reviews mainly on ancient and English coins   131p+27pl, 6x9.5", hc, 198720.00
134 Friedberg, Robert Gold Coins of the World   3rd edition, 1971 Nearly new copy9.00
136 Lane-Poole, Stanley, Ed. Coins and Medals Their Pladce in History and Art   Collection of introductions from British Museum catalogues providing scholarly capsule histories of many series, from Greek to Asian.   1968, 156p+9pl, hc. 1st ed. Not an Indian reprint.10.00
137 Reinfeld & Hobson Catalogue of the World's Most Popular Coins   Rival of the Yeoman/Craig series, it included earlier listings, but was not as comprehensive or detailed. 288p, hc, 19674.00
138 Elder, Thomas L. New Premium Coin Book   Paying prices for US, foreign & Ancient coins. Anglo-Saxon pennies, for example, were bought at $1.00 each, except Offa fetched $2! Woodcut plates.   100p, card cover, 1934. Inked "Elder" and old fold on cover, otw. nice9.00
140 Linecar, Howard Coins & Coin Collecting   Lovely coffee-table introduction to world coinage. Lots of color & enlarged photos.   141p, 8.5x11.25", hc, 19714.00
141 Mosher, Stuart Coin Mottoes and Their Translations   Latin mottoes on ancient through modern coins. Original 1948 reprint from The Numismatist restapled into card covers   38p, 19486.50
141a Mosher, Stuart Coin Mottoes and Their Translations   Latin mottoes on ancient through modern coins. Photocopy reprint.   38p, 1948R1.50
144 Friedberg, Robt. Gold Coins of the World, 5th Ed. 1980. Current edition is 7th.19.00
145 Hunter, John Price Catalog of Pure Nickel Coins of the World   Photo-illustrated catalog with prices in 5 grades.   70p, sc, 5.25x7.76", c.1970?9.00
146 Fraley, Marvin, Ed. Numismatics International and Globe Coin Traders Association Final Report of Committe to Research World Coinage Types and Varieties   Detailed suggestions, including virtual catalogs in some areas, of suggested additions and format changes to Yeoman's Modern World Coins, demonstrating collector demand for the more detailed breakdowns of the Krause-Mishler catalog which debuted a few years later. Largely forgotten, but an important project at the time.nb 126p,8.5x11", binder, 1968. Copy #5615.00
148 Yeoman, Richard S. A Catalog of Modern World Coins 1850-1960   The standard world coin reference before Krause's SCWC. Still useful for quick lookups vs. KM's overly-complex format. Various eds 4th (1961) through 10th (1972). Condition ranges. Each:1.95
149 Kinley, David Money: A Study of the Theory of Exchange   Economic theory of money, not a numismatic work.   415p, 5x8.5, hc, 1968, near-new copy15.00
152 Bud Jones Co. Gaming Chips: Quick Reference Guide   Photocopy of aa booklet explaining modern "clay" chip designs & terminology   11p, sc.75
153 Porteous, John Coins: Pleasures and Treasures   Mini coffee-table book on historyand beautyof coinage, emphasis on aancients, Europe & UK coinage, many enlarged photos, some color   128p, 8x8.5", hc, 1964R1967.3.00
154 Campbell, Lance, Ed. IBNS Library Catalog (American & European Branches)   1991 edition, apparently the latest available as of 2005   93p, sc, 5.5x8.5, 1991.3.00
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302 Gaettens, Dr.R.Der Minerva - As auf die Unterwerfung Samniums 290 v. Chr.   "Ein urstuck und eine Falschung darnach. Appears to be an off print, 4p of text plus 2 plates on heavy cardboard stock showing 6 coins enlarged, 1940, spine tears3.00
303 Gardner, P A History of Ancient Coinage 700-30BC 479p+11pl, 6x9, 1918. A general work covering 700-300 BC, still decent plates, tho reprinted in India 197511.50
304 Keary, C.F. The Morphology of Coins An essay on the changes in Mediterranean coinage through the Ancient & Medieval periods. Good plates, useful introduction 89p+6pl,6x9", hc, 1885R1970 New4.50
305 Klawans, Z. An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins 205p, hc, 2nd ed. 1964 A good identification guide, many photos*9.00
306 MacDowall, D. The Western Coinages of Nero (ANS #161) xvii+256p+25pl nearly new copy*32.50
307 Newell Royal Greek Portrait Coins 124p, nice 1937 Whitman hc printing three-stars-Kroh VF*13.00
311 Lhotka, J.F. Introduction to East Roman (Byzantine) Coinage 1989 Durst Revision 113pp+4pl, sc, Includes Trebizond, muddy photos. List $15 NEW9.00
312 Wear. Ted Ancient Coins: how to collect for fun and profit, 152p + 16 glossy plates, hc, 1965*4.50
313 Malter, Joel Byzantine Numismatic Bibliography 1950-1965 Survey of field & literature; bibliography hc, 19689.00
314 Klawans, Zander H. An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins   1964, 2nd ed, Whitman hc, basic introduction to series with hundreds of photos on slick paper. Decent used.7.00
315 Macdonald, George Coin Types: Their Origin and Development   Argonaut reprint of a series of 1905 lectures on archaic, ancient through medieval coins. Notes disagreement with Ridgeway on theory.   285p+10pl, hc, 6x9.25", 196912.50
316 Mattingly, H. The Roman "Serrati:   1977 Reprint of a RNS article   24p+2pl, sc, 5.5x8.5"1.50
317 Hill. Geo. F. Ancient Methods of Coining   Indifferent reprint of an old article, 1 poor plate   44p+1pl, sc, 5.5x8.5" 1.00
318 Klawans, Z An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins   Artistic development, City Names & mintmarks, Dieties & symbols, and Kings are all approached via pictorial tours. Many photos, decent but not great quality in this reprint.   206p, 6x9", sc, 1959R1982, Unused 10.00
321 Sayles, Wayne Ancient Coin Collecting I (Introduction)   Introductory volume to series. List 24.95, to clear overstock: 13.00
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405 Dolley, M. Anglo-Saxon Pennies, & The Norman Conquest and the English Coinage, 1966,70 2 quality booklets*8.00
408 Keller, Arnold Paper Money of the 20th Century, V2: (Belgium & Colonial) Comprehensive illustrated listing, even includes "psychiatric institutions 1940-54"! ±300p, looseleaf, 1975, IBNS*29.00
409 Harris, Robert Guide Book of Modern British Commonwealth Coins 1970 Whitman hc pricing in 4 grades.2.95
410 Harris, Robert Guide Book of Modern European Coins   Priced by date, includes some colonies.   202p, 5x8", hc, 19652.95
413 Schimmel, J. German Tokens, Part 1 700+ items by town, no Notgeld or transport. Priced. 90p, sc, 1987*6.00
418 Martin, Jean L.Die Schützenmedaillen der Schweiz   Swiss Shooting Medals Catalog of 1183 Medals from 1849, cat #, photo, specs, much background info; German text. 254p, 8.5x12", hc, 1972, separate price suppplement. A 1989 ad (included) for shooting medals says only 1500 printed, & OP at that time, price $80.. This copy has cover scuffs, spine yellowing & a yellowing streak on fc, interiors as new.100.00
420 Gillingham, H.Italian Orders of Chivalry & Medals of Honour, 1967 repr. of ANS NN&M 192315.00
421 Misul, MarcelloLe Monete D'Italia    Covers Lombardy, Sardegna & unified coinage 1848-1963 & colonies, 57p+4pl, sc, 1964, valuations booklet separate.. Small spine split10.00
422 Glück & HesselbladArtalsförteckning över Svenska Mynt med Värderingspriser Gustaf Vasa - Gustaf V 1521-1950   1953 priced catalog of Swedish coins, no illustrations, 85p, sc3.00
424 SeabyA Catalogue of the Copper Coins and tokens of the British Isles   142p, hc, 6x9", 1949 dj with sm tears, but book as new EXCEPT one signature of 8 sheets is upside down!9.00
426 Jaeger, KurtDie Münzprägungen der deutschen Staaten . . .Norrdwestdeutschland   #6 in series, nicely done catalog, separate price booklet; 204p, hc, 1971, some cover stains*15.00
428 Taylor, J.The Economic Development of Poland 1919-1950   222p, hc, 1952R19709.00
430 Schulman, HansThe Andorra Story Slick 8p pamphlet w. order form promoting the first of the modern Pseudocoin/ NCLT issues. Historically interesting as the starting gun for "collector coins."2.50
431 Brown, I.D. & Dolley, MichaelA Bibliography of Coin Hoards of Greaat Britain and Ireland 1500-1967   Hoards by date of deposit with location, dates of find and deposit, summary of contents, and reference to publication; Also Euopean and other location hoards including English coins.   88p, 7.5x10", hc, 197119.50
438 Schulman, Jacques Collection of Henry Thomas Grogan   Reprint of famous 1914 sale of European colonial coins, with good plates & still much referenced. Six of the plate pages are partially stuck together form water (can probably be steamed apart), somewhat wrinkled limp appearance. Sells for $30 new. Now OP5.00
440 Deacon, J. Hunt & Irons, K.J. Catalogue of the Australian Commonwealth Coinage 1910-1960   Catalog, 23p, produced by Numismatoc Society of South Australia, 19613.00
441 Raymond, Wayte The Coins of King George the Sixth   One of a series of well-produced specialized works with good photos on slick paper, used by collectors in the 1950s before Yeoman became standard.   32p, softcover, 6x9", 19525.00
442 Raymond, Wayte Great Britain & Ireland and British Colonies in Europe   One of a series of well-produced specialized works with good photos on slick paper, used by collectors in the 1950s before Yeoman became standard.   24p, softcover, 6x9", 19555.00
443 Raymond, Wayte France and Colonies   One of a series of well-produced specialized works with good photos on slick paper, used by collectors in the 1950s before Yeoman became standard.   40p, softcover, 6x9", 19565.00
444 South African Gold Coin Exch. S100: The simplified system for evaluation of Proof Krugerrands   A proof is a proof is a proof? Not so, it seems. 26p pamphlet devoted to rating proofs, by date. Includes some spectacularly bad advice on cleaning.2.00
445 Mathias, Peter English Trade Tokens: The Industrial Revolution Illustrated    Not a catalog, but a nice introduction with plates of enlarged specimens. Ex-Hancock library    48p+16pl, hc, 7x9", 196214.50
446 Raymond, Wayte France and Colonies   Type catalog 1774-date with good photos, market values.    40p, sc, 6x9", 19563.50
447 Estrhuysen, Matthy South Africa's First Gold Coin    "Research on the Burgers Dies and Burgerspond 1874", Study #5 in the National Cultural History and Open-Air Museum, Pretoria. Rediscovery of the dies prompts this study of SA's first coin, 837 struck.   119p, 7x10, hc, 197620.00
448 Clarke, Robert The Coinage of Switzerland   Catalog with prices in five grades, some background info.   164p, sc, 19686.00
449 Friedberg, Robert Coins of the British World   "Complete from 500 AD to the Present" Type catalog with good photos and valuations, lists dates but does not price individually. Includes medieval England, Scotland, Ireland, Anglo-French, all colonies, protectorates, etc.   210p, 9x11, hc, 19626.00
450 DeMey, Jean & Poindessault, B. Repertoire de la Numismatique Francaise Contemporaine: 1793 a nos jours, 2nd ed,   A wellproduced catalog on slick paper, prices by date in 4 grades. French text.   281p, sc, 6x9.5", 197215.00
452 Wright, L.W. V. Colonial & Commonwealth Coins: A Practical Guide to the Series   Interesting pre-Remick type catalogue with dates or ranges, cat #'s, photos (fair to decent) of British Colonial coinage   236p, 6x9", hc, 195910.00
453 Fitikides, T.J. Collect Cyprus Coins: A Handbook for Collectors of Modern Coins of Cyprus   Background on ancient & modern, with catalog of modern. Photocopy reprint.   42p, 6x9", sc, 1968R2.00
454 Whitton, C.A. Mintmarks on English Coins   Chart & index. Photocopy reprint.   4p, 6x9", sc.50
601 Akers, David US Gold Coins: An Analysis of Auction Records, V.1: Gold Dollars 1849-89 110p, 1975, hc*30.00
603 Album, S. Catalogue of California Trade Tokens V.2: S. Calif & SF County 347p+46pl, 1974 Standard work. Unused.15.00
607 Feisel & Album California Trade Token Place Names 2nd ed, Rarity scale & other stats. 67p, 1973*8.00
610 Higgie, L.W. The Colonial Coinage of the U.S. Virgin Islands (Danish W. Indies) Coins, tokens, paper 1962 Whitman6.50
613 Kenney, R. So-Called Dollars...Exposition...Bryan Listing 251 items, good plaes, 13p+7pl8.00
615 Mehl, etc. Premium books: Mehl's 1927 w. many foreign, woodcuts, articles, etc. & Wilson's 1952 & Elder's 1934, plus Tatham 100p1947 illustrated sales catalog All rather beat up, but intriguing items.9.00
616 Taxay, Don Scott's Comprehensive Catalogue and Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins, 1971, 397p, hc, probably the only edition of this interesting work. Many plates. Catalog with prices in up to 4 grades!*9.00
623 Breen, Walter Proof coins Struck by the United States Mint 1817-1921   Coin Collectors Journal V.20#2&3 1953, near mint copy10.00
624 Breen, Walter Silver Coinages of the Philadelphia Mint 1794-1916   Coin Collectors Journal #159, 1958, near mint copy, some fading13.00
625 Breen, Walter United States Half Dimes: A Supplement   Coin Collectors Journal #160, 1958*10.00
626 McGarry, S.L. Mormon Money   Repr. from Numismatist, 47p, sc,196210.00
630 Charlton & Willey. Standard Grading Guide to Canadian Decimal Coins   1965, hc, Whitman8.00
635 Hager, Alan The Accugrade System   Grading & investment guide to Morgan & Peace dollars. List price $60   17.50
636 Adams, Eva Annual Report of the Director of the Mint, Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1963   Printed 1964   9.00
637 Massey, J. Earl America's Money   A non-technical history of American coinage   278p, 5.5x8", hc, 19684.85
639 Slabaugh, Arlie Confederate States of America Paper Money   1971 revised ed   80p, sc, 5.25x7.75", 4.50
640 Criswell, Grover Confederate and Southern States Currency   Standard catalog on the series, 2nd Revised ed, 1976   294p, hc, 6x9.25", 197619.00
641 Rulau, Russell Discovering America   Discovery & exploration of the Americas as reflected in coins & exonumia. Hundreds of items catalogued, incl. medals honoring Columbus & other explorers   327p, 8.5x11", sc, 19893.00
646 Krause & Lemke Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money   First ed, 1981 Not mint, but nice clean copy.4.00
647 (Hewett Bros.) United States Rare Coin Value Guide   Distant ancestor to Whitman's "blue book," lists pay prices for all U.S. coins, this was a booklet sold to various coin stores ca. 1948 with very safe buying prices. Offers $2 for 1909SVDB, Double Eagles $30 and up.   48p, sc, 5x8", 1948?5.00
648 Kosoff, A. United States Dimes   Photographic and sales record of a good collection. A later reprint exists.   25p+4pl, sc, 7x10, 1945   Ink Presentation inscriptions and sticker on title page, large stain back cover9.00
649 DeWitt, Doyle Election Medals of the Campaign of 1844   Medals and tokens of the Polk-Clay Presidential campaign catalogued, but no illos. Reprinted from an article serialized in The Numismatist 6-11/1943, the reprint is scarce.35.00
656 Rulau, Russell Early American Tokens    Third edition = latest?. nice used copy.   .96p, 8.5x11", sc, 19918.00
657 Yeoman, R.S. Early A Guide Book of United States Coins (Red Book) SET    Lot of 13th-26th eds., 1960-1973, missing 18th, 24th & 25th, 11 books, decent used condition. Shipping to US address only.22.00
658 Yeoman, R.S.Early A Guide Book of United States Coins (Red Book) 9th Ed., 1956    Bright cover, clean spine, light yellowing of page ends & owner's ink stamp, otw nearly new.15.00
659 American Numismatic Society American Journal of Numismatics 10, 11    1998, 1999 annual publications with scholarly articles on US and world numismatics, book reviews. New copies,each:19.00
660 Professional Coin Grading Service PCGS Population Report: 1988    Set of January, April, July and October reports in comb-bind, 150-200 pages each. set of four. Before the data was online. Slight water stain on edges of two reports.35.00
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805 Douglas, D. El Papel Moneda Del Banco De Mexico 1st ed. 1990 (2nd costs $22, is bilingual) Priced catalog, Spanish, some cover stain.4.00
822 Harris, RobertGuide Book of Modern Latin AmericanCoins   Valuations by date 1966, hc, Whitman4.00
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909 Das, Santosh Kumar The Economic History of Ancient India    Transcript of lectures based on Brahmanical and Buddhist texts.   251p, 5.5x8.5, hc, 1925R1980,879.00
910 Ganesh & Girijapathy The Coins of the Vijayanagar Empire    Catalog with good descriptions and illustrations. Newer wrk by Ganesh (2009) is more comprehsive. Writing on spine. Spine partly split at top, does not affect book.   135p, 5.5x8.5, sc, 199712.50
920 Aiyappan, A. Coins of India Through the Ages   Very brief survey, Govt. of Madras, 17p+3pl, sc, 19602.00
921 Allan, John A Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the B.M.: Coins of Ancient India   1967 Alden Press reprint of this important work, much superior to Indian reprints50.00
926 Singh, Om Prakash Economic Gleanings From Early Indian Coins   Coinage as a source of information for pre-Kushan Indian economies.   165p+1pl, 5.5x8.5", hc, 198510.00
930 Rodgers, Chas. J. Catalogue of the Coins, Part IV, Miscellaneous Coins   Unillustrated catalogue covering Medieval, State, British India & other Asian coins. One of 4 Parts covering acquisitions from his own collection.   161p, sc, 6.5x10", 1895, cover duct-tape bound, tears, yellowing, etc.20.00
931 Rodgers, Chas. J. Catalogue of the Coins in the Government Museum, Lahore   Unillustrated catalogue from Alexander thru the Mughals with brief one-line descriptions. Museum holdings prior to purchase of Rodgers' collection (subject of 4 vols.)   203p, 9x11",sc,1891, somewhat loose, tears in cover, yellowing, etc.25.00
941 IIRNS The 3rd International Colloquium: Coinage, Trade & Economy   Programme booklet for the conference, with brief summaries of papers, schedule, etc. NOT a catalog. NO papers or essays.   2.00
946 Bhatt, Shashikant K., Ed Numismatica Academicus V2   Reprints J. Acad. Ind. Num. & Sigil. #7-12 (1989-95). Numerous articles.   341p,6x9.25,sc,1995?; 20.00
948 Narain, A.K. & Gopal, L. Seminar Papers on the Chronology of the Punch-Marked Coins   18 papers; uses pre-Cribb chronology, based on a fantasy of Kausambi, therefore no longer reliable.   197p,7x9.5",sc,1966; 10.00
949 Singh, Jai Prakash & Ahmad, Nisr (Gopal, Gen. Ed.) Seminar Papers on the Tribal Coins of Ancient India   13 papers, no illustrations.   218p,6x9.5,hc,1977; 15.00
950 Narain, A.K., Ed. Seminar Papers on the Local Coins of Northern India 300 BC to 300AD, No.2   32 papers on Tribal coins; few illos.   223p,6x9.5,sc,1968, some stains & tears in covers. 17.50
965 Bhatt, Shashikant K., Ed J. Acad. Ind. Num. & Sigillography   V.XIV-XV(1998-99), 128p,6x9.5",sc,2000; 12 brief articles on coins, seals, medals & 4 book reviews   5.00
966 Thakkar & Mota Kutch Hobby Circle   Booklet for a 1987 coin & stamp expo; mostly general ads, some superficial coin essays   2.00
978 Gupta, P.L. Coin Hoards from Gujrat State (NSI NNM#15) & Coin Hoards from Maharastra State (NSI NNM#16)   sc,1969,70. Pair:4.00
981 Gupta, P.L. A Bibliography of the Hoards of Punch-Marked Coins of Ancient India   (NSI NNM#2)125 hoards & wher published (if so)   23p, sc,19555.00
982 Gupta, Parmanand Geography From Ancient Indian Coins & Seals    Historical information on many coin issuing entities (cities, tribes, etc.) from ca. 300BC-650AD, as revealed in coins and seals. Few illos.   262p, 6x9", hc, 1989, OP19.00
983 Jain, Balchandra Inventory of the Hoards and Finds of Coins and Seals from Madhya Pradesh (NSI NNM#5)   Some description of hoards, and plates are decent..   24p+2pl,6.5x10,sc,19573.00
984 Kak, Ram Chandra Sri Pratap Singh Museum: Handbook of the Archaeological and Numismatic Sections, Srinagar   Mostly statues & votives, some coins but only fair plates. of Sikh interest, printing plate for a Ranbir Singh 10R. note    165p,5.5x8.5,1923R198519.00
992 Mukherjee, Chhanda Gupta Numismatic Art: An Artistic and Iconographic Study   Analysis of devices & dieties, historical conclusions, post-Gupta coinages.   188p+12pl, 7.5x10", hc, 1991, Unused14.00
994 Mukherjee, B.N. Media of Exchange in Early Medieval North India   Brief survey of coinage types and echo of Deyell's argument that lack of silver coinage does not mean diminished trade.   96p+6pl, 6.5x9.5", hc, 19925.00
995 Murthy, A.V. NThe Coins of Karnataka   Not a catalog, but a good introduction to Hindu and Moslem coinages of South India, including Mysore, but weak on Kasu. Drawings in text.  250p, hc, 5.5x8.5, 1975   Water-stained & warped (Normally $15)4.00
999 Ray, S.C.Stratigraphic Evidence of Coins in Indian Excavations & Some Allied Issues (NSINM#8)    Includes a chart of coin types by sites listing associated cultural objects.   44p, sc, 6.5x10, 19592.50
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1001 Zhu Huo (Chu Huo) Ku Ch'ien Hsin T'an) (Guquan Xintan) New Discussions on Ancient Coins   Collection of 1950s-60s articles on Chou-Han numismatics from archaeological finds; section on knives still current, rest superceded in his later works. Chinese text.   317p, sc, 7.5x10.5", 198410.00
1002 Williams, S. Wells The Chinese Commercial Guide   5th Ed., "Treaties Tariffs, Regulations, Tables, Etc. Useful in the Trade to China & Eastern Asia with an Appendix of Sailing Directions for those Seas and Coasts. . . . .   653p, hc, 1966 Taiwan reprint of 1863? 5th Edition. Possibly scarce, as I can find no sales offers online except for originals of earlier editions @ $1000.50.00
1052 Inner Mongolia Num. Soc.Liaodai huobi lunwen xuanji (Selection of articles on Liao Dynasty Money)    43 articles plus bibliography, covering publications 1919-1990; Chinese text, few illustrations.   330p, 5.5x8", sc, 19909.00
1054 (China)Ku ch'uan Hsueh (Gu Quan Xue) (Studies of Ancient Coins)    Reprints issues 1-5 of this 1930s magazine. Cast coinage. Many articles not illustrated.   232p,sc,5.5x8",19889.00
1056 Mao GongxiangQianbixue Conghua (Series on Coinage)   General introduction to Chinese numismatics, plus listing of 31 numismatic societies in China. Chinese text.   223p+20pl, 5x7, sc, 19928.00
1057 Lo Pai-chao (Luo Bozhao)Mu Yuan Szu Shih Ch'uan T'o (Rubbings of Mu Yuan's 40 Coins)    Rubbings of 40 unique or rare cash in the author's collection, with commentary on each. Chinese text. Coole 475   100p,6x10",sc,1940R198912.50
1058 Liu Heng (Tieh-yun's Coin Collection)   Appears to be a reprint of an older (not in Coole) work on spade coins, illustrating 222 pcs with good rubbings. Little text (Chinese).   242p, 7x10.5, sc, 198616.50
1059 Li Jiu & Su Yeh (?Su Hua & Li Ju) Jin Yin Huobi Jianding (Jizhiqian zhanggu: Zhongguo jin yin tong nie bi xuanlu) (Gold & Silver coins distinguished)   52 short articles on China struck coins.   211p,sc,5x7,199212.50
1064 Morse, Hosea B. The Trade & Administration of the Chinese Empire   Chapter only, "The Currency," p113-172 of longer work. Includes several woodcut plates of coins & early banknotes. Photocopy, stapled4.00
1066 Wen Pin Wei The Currency Problem in China   ColumbiaPhDThesis, Brief monetary history of China followed by consideration of monetary reform efforts ca. 1895-1911, a eriod of great flux in the struck coinage.    156p, sc, 6.5x10, 1914. Some chips in cover & spine.40.00
1072 Chuang, Wen-chih (Priced Catalog of Chinese Coins)   Concise price guide to a selection of ancient, but mainly struck Chinese coins, banknotes & modern Japanese coins, prices in NT$, rubbing illustrations.   256p5x7.5", sc, 19876.00
1073 Chen Xiejun, Ed. Shanghai Museum   A pictorial tour of the museum, 334 object in color photos with brief English captions. 12 rare coins in the short chapter on this subject.   259p, 200720.00
EAST ASIA (except China)
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129 Yeoman, R.S. Current Coins of the World and Modern World Coins, Japanese editions, uncommon!   Set of 1st (1966) through 6th (1974) editions, all hc25.00
1116 Doo, Roger Tentative Inquiry into the Banliang type coin of Warring States Found in a Cellar in shou Pa Zhang Pu   30p article in: Bulletin of the Shanghai Museum, Vol. 6, Special Issue. Bulletin is 446p & includes two other coin articles among many on other subjects. Chinese test; English contents20.00
1155 Fu T'ian (Photos of Ancient Gold & Silver Currency: An Educational Reference)    10 B&W plates of pre-Meiji Japanese AR & AV in a nice little 9x6" hardcover book, no text, evidently a textbook of sorts. 100+ different items shown. Used: Cover loose. 20.00
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114 Sten, Geo. Banknotes of the World Vol 1 (Aden-China & 2 (Colombia-Kuwait) First attempt at a comprehensive world banknote catalog, 1967, only 2 vols. published. 394p, values Covers scuffed, creased Pair:20.00
1202 Ota, Tamotsu Nihon Shihei Zukan: Zaigai Ginko, Gumpyo (Japanese paper money illustrated: Banks abroad and military issues)   Apparently comprehensive catalog with color (one-side) photos of over 500 notes; "reprint of the text of Ohashi with new illustrations. It is still marginally useful for the illustrations." - Joe Boling   299p ,hc, 6x8.5", 197620.00
1204 Sandrock, John E.Bank of Communications   History of this important Chinese bank & its monetary issues 1914-42. Detailed info on notes & illustrations, but not a catalog. IBNS   64p+12pl, 8.5x11, sc, 1989 12.50
1244 Gao Wen & Yuan Yu Gao Sichuan Modern Banknotes    Little text (Chinese), but 90 color plates with brief captions.    90p, 8x11, sc, 1994. Corner badly bumped & tape repaired, but hardly affects plates.25.00
1246 Hangchow Num. Soc. Zhezhiang Zhibi (Chekiang Paper Money)    126 notes full-size b&w front & back plus 12 color-plated; Chinese text.   135p+6cpl, 8.25x11.25", sc, 199520.00
1248 Li Ken Shen Zhongguo Jin Dai Huo Bi   Catalog of renminbi series with full size, 2-sided color plates, specs, valuations. Little text (Chinese).    120p, 7.5x10.5, sc, 1993?, Taiwan20.00
1249 Shanghai Num. Soc. Renminbitulu   Color plates of all paper (2 sides, reduced) & circulating PRC coins 1948-88. Chinese text.   114p, 5x7", sc, 198814.50
1250 Yu JimingRenminbi Tujian (People's Currency Illustrated Handbook)   Regular (& some provincial) notes of the Peoples Bank of China from 1948, Reduced 2-sided color plates, prices 3 grades, 7-level rarity guide   97p+pl, 5x7, sc, 199314.50
1252 Cheng (Zheng) Haizhang, ed.Dungbei Geming Genjudi Chaopiao (Chinese Revolutionary Banknotes: Northeast District)   Extensive Chinese text & plate catalog of 161 notes, fair b&w, reduced, 2-sides.   144p+113pl, 5.5x8", sc, 199117.50
1253 SukeyukiWorld Money Guide   A Japanese banker's book picturing current coins and banknotes of the world, with specs & other info. Bilingual English / Japanese   374p8.5x6", hc, 196915.00
1254 Xu Feng & Zhao Long Yie (Hsu Feng)Riwei Zhengguan Yinhang Huobi Tujian (Catalogue of Puppet Currency under Japanese Occupation) (Jih wei cheng kuan yin hang huo pi t'u chien)   Catalog of coins & banknotes (b&w, reduced, 1 side) of Japanese puppet govts in N & Central China; No new discoveries. Cat #'s & prices in two grades.   108p, 5x7.5", sc, 199112.00
006 Barnett, A. Doak Chinese Communist Politics in Action   620p, sc, 1969, creases & stains on cover & edges4.25
010 (Libertarian) Lot of books of general libertarian interest: all sc except last: Freedom For Alaskans by Dick randolph (campaign book); Things you can do to Defend your Gun Rights by Gottlieb & Kopel; Free the Mail by Peter Ferrara; Losing Ground by Chas. Murray; Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer20.00
011 Smythe Lot of Andy Capp cartoon books, sc, 1966-69, originally 40¢-60¢, 5 ddifferent, all nice clean copies15.00
012 Cooper, Jordan L. How to Make Cash Money selling at Swap Meets, Flea Markets, Etc.   Loompanics, 1988, List $16.959.00
013 Peters, C., Ed. Collateral Damage, the 'New World Order' At Home & Abroad   1992, 9th pr., list $169.00
014 McKern, S. S. Exploring the Unknown: Mysteries in American Archaeology   124p, hc, 1972. Nazca and the other usual "mysteries."*4.00
016 Thompson, Laura The Native Culture of the Marianas Islands   Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 185. Includes some discussion of moneys and exchange. Coverless offprint(?) from original Journal, taped spine, 48p+3pl, 1945 25.00

) Monthly issues (10-11/yr) with substantial articles, notes, and book reviews. The main focus is on English, Greek, Byzantine coins, medals & decorations, but nearly every issue contains items of interest in Asian/African numismatics. Every category is touched on but particular strengths are Ottoman, EICo, Port. India, Assam, early Islamic, early S.E. Asia, East Indies, Moslem India, Burma, Crusader, Asian military decorations. Part of Pridmore's Native Malay (1973-4)   Nice used, per complete year:-->
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Some reference-quality sales listed with my book stock:
Hans Schulman loved to include oddball items such as Asian, odd & curious, counterstamps, siege money, jade, unusual patterns and the like in his sales. Though fanciful attributions and questionable items crept in, his sales are still quite useful for information, photos and provenance. The same weird items coming up for auction today are often referenced back to the old Schulman sales as the only existing published reference. Grouped by "main" topic below, but be sure to check other categories. All sales below include Prices Realized unless noted. Order by Sale Date, not category or "name" of sale!
Ancient 6/58 Col. James Curtis 270 lots Alexandrian Tetradrachms, basis of his book on subject 5.50
6/69 Thomas Mabbot Coll I: Greek 3888 Lots, mostly bronzes in modest grades. Holzer cataloguer; Gondophares said to be one of "Three Wise Men" as per Forrest article, NI 12/96. Seen at $65! 15.00
10/69 Thomas Mabbot Coll II: Roman, some Byzantine 5338 lots Seen at $45! 15.00
Books 11/66 Important Reference Library Pt I 927 lots grouped by subject, entire world 15.00
6/68 Important Reference Library Pt II 1460 lots grouped by subject, entire world 8.50
11/64 Brand-Richthofen-Gibbs Vol. 1 Numerous siege, necessity pieces of Europe 5.50
5/68 Alvin van Loan Gaines 1956 lots, 470 c/s lots, 50 O&C lots, a Mexico collection. Seen offered at $28+ 12.00
5/69 Lascano et al with countermarks from Browder collection, some now suspect. 4.00
Germany 3/65 Fontani 3000 lots, incl. 653 German, mainly Talers 188p+48pl supl. 6.50
11/70 Universal Coin Auction 2030 lots, 587 German, many Talers 155p 6.50
5/71 Deutschland Collection 2063 Lots, about 700 lots of German, including many multiple talers 128p 7.50
Gold 3/62+ Golden Sale Pt I,II,III Over 5000 lots world gold, strong in Germany, much U.S. gold All 3 sales 12.00
11/67 King Umberto of Italy 2200 Lots; 800 gold & 18 Platinum lots, especially strong in Germany. Medals of Savoy 132pp+93Plate supplement. Seen offered at $35 . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.00
3/69+ World Gold Sale (Gomez) 1413 lots, well-balanced + 3/75 1586 lots, incl. 100 India gold Pair: 7.50
Odd & Curious 2/59 Millan & Fuseni Colls. 700 lots, of which 256 odd & curious; many antiquities. Useful early sale. 7.50
7/70 Bojola, Quiggin et al 1397 lots incl. 128 primitives, "used by Quiggin in her book" 56pp+45pl 17.50
- - Gibbs Sales 1-4,6 without Pt. 5 (Kann sale) (Write for prices on individual sales) 75.00
9/71 Ancient & Primitive Art 580 lots; Antiquities, ethnographc art & primitive money. Useful & little-known 15.00
6/73 Gold, Platinum & Silver 1426 lots; Vietnam rounds & bars, 16 China trees, proto-knives, moulds, sycee, Malay tin, 3 Grivnas, Potlatch, Assay bars, & much more. 8.50
11/60+ Group of 10 Sales with significant O&C: 11/60,11/64, 11/66, 5/70, 10/71, 11/71, 2/72, 5/72, 2/74, 7/74 36.50
5/70+ Mini-group of 4 different sales with significant odd & curious (different from above sales)12.00
Latin Amer., 4/52 Marqués de LL Spanish & Latin American, mostly gold 1954 lots. Scarce early catalog. 12.00
Spain, Port. 3/60+ Acosta y Lara pillar bits 250 lots, plus 6/72 "South America Sale" esp. Bolivia, Brazil, Peru Group of 2 8.50
11/64 Brand et. al Vol. 2 4645 Lots; A huge offering of Spain, Portugal & Latin America, centering on the famous Brand collection. An overlooked reference 38 plates 8.50
9/68+ Potosi Collections: Valdez 836 Lots Potosi, Lima, etc; 10/69 Vergara 354 Potosi + 500 Lat. Amer., both: 10.00
2/69 Treasures of Two Oceans 1749 lots, Spanish Colonial shipwreck coins from the Van Lynden and the Vergulde Draeke, plus a Russian copper coll., 38 lots O&C 76pp+44pl Generally offered $35 22.50
Thailand 4/52+ Gibbs/Woodward/etc. LeMay 4B specimen & 4B Pattern, plus 7/72 1153 Lots; 20 Thai rarities. Pair: 12.00
U.S.A. 12/73 Hergenden Coll. 1507 Lots, incl. early American silver, Historical medals, Canada 1921 50¢ 5.50
Miscellaneous Misc Various unspecialized sales, nearly all have some odd & curious, Latin America, gold, Oriental. To save the expense of listing, as they come, my choice (20? diff. avail.) Most No PR 5 diff $8; 10 diff. 12.50
Mish, Robert #4 12/66, San Mateo Early A-to-Z list of general foreign, 5p + cover letter3.00
Numismatic Circular Full Years 1964, 1965, 1966 $10/year; Monthly issues 1963, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1979 Each unit, as available:1.25
Spink & Sons Numismatic Circular Photocopy of all articles, reviews, letters, etc. relating to Asia & Africa 1973-88, excluding Pridmore Malay and Cresswell Thai Bullets (which I can provide separately) A massive, time-consuming photocopying job, all 1st generation copies to preserve photo quality, so I made an extra set. 760pp55.00

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