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Chinese factory product

   Nearly all my stock comes from Africa via the Africa Traders. These gentlemen are, with a very few exceptions, knowledgeable about bead origins, authenticity, and values, and honest in the information they pass on. It's no secret that Chinese factories are making knockoffs of Chevrons, millefiori, some white hearts, gooseberry, and many others. There is also a business in Michigan using old (and new) cane to make old-looking beads, not misrepresented as old in their offering, but conveniently strung on raffia just like the Africa-origin beads. Modern-made beads can be tumbled with sand or otherwise stressed to resemble genuine wear. Beads are still loved and worn in Africa, and the Traders work both ways, so even beads coming out of Africa can not be fully trusted these days. But as a dealer, it's my responsibility to ask hard questions of the Traders, and I do, and to pass on accurate descriptions of what I am selling. But my background of 50 years dealing is in coins; beads are a recent passion. I am bound to make mistakes!

Please help me fulfill my responsibility to my customers!

1) If you see something questionable or inaccurate at my site, please tell me. Inaccurate description? Unwarranted assumption? Questionable authenticity? Silly puffery or naive enthusiasm for the ordinary? I will be grateful for your help, never resentful or unresponsive.

2) Know of more useful links? - such as modern bead factories, displays of non-old stuff at Tucson, website or ebay offerings of things that lovers of old beads should educate themselves on?



John Picard is the "dean" of bead dealers. I only wish his pictures would enlarge more, or the site was easier to search! Use site-search to find things by name, for example:     site: Millefiori    where you are leaving a space between that "/" slash and your search word, in this case "Millefiori". When you use this type of search with Google or Bing, for example, you have the power of their algorithms, so you can do complex searches such as "Chevron black green red" but keep a space between each word.

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