These are our own price lists from the 1970's to the 2000s, when most coin and book offerings shifted to the web site. They may be useful for price research, and their coverage of unusual items. The actual for-sale offers are now obsolete, except in a few of the most recent lists.   Ordering Information
#21-28T (Lot B13)1972-76    Lot of 10 older pricelists including specialized lists in India, primitive, paper money, books, Thailand (no photos). Plus 12/72 mail bid sale. New but some rusted staples, yellowing7.50
#29-53 (LotB14)1977-88    Missing #32,33,B34,38, including 30 (India), B32 (Books), R32 (Primitive), 35 (China Cash), Photo plates in #48+. Mostly unused, some water damage, rust (24) (Each .75)15.00
#54-621989-2000   16-24p lists, most with photo plates    Each:.50
#59T Thailand, Hindu S.E. Asia   All periods & primitives. Drawing illustrations. (9/95) Reprint 8.5x11 size1.00
Specialized Lists   58e Europe & the Americas 2p; 58z Old World Antiquities 2p; 58N,59N India States 2-4p; 60s Chinese sycee & Vietnam Bars 4p.   Each:.25
59xAfrican Bracelet Money & African primitives, article & drawing-illos 16p 8.5 x11Ó Reprint. Most offered items still available.2.00
59MChina Openwork Amulets   List 59M is free, but for descriptions & illustrationsyou need Compendium of Chinese AMulets, Part 1, price: 3.00
B57+Book Lists   B57, B58, B59, B59a Numismatic books, new titles & older stock 4-8p, Lot of 4 lists, now largely obsolete: 1.00
CompsComposites: World     All my pricelists, special offers, etc. 1978 todate reorganized by country and photocopied on looseleaf sheets. The easiest way to reference past offerings .Excludes struck China from DKC sale; includes some private sales and unpublished listings. 325+pp, 8.5x11", loose, 2005?   Due for reprinting, possibly to include sold items from website offerings. 18.50
CompsXCComposites: East Asian Cash     China, Vietnam & Korean cash offerings to date, pasted up by dynasty (ChƠing by ruler) Includes Daniel Ching Sale listings (no illustrations)   Due for reprinting, possibly to include sold items from website offerings. PRICE
CompsIIComposites: India     All periods, arranged by period /dynasty/ state. ±65p.   Due for reprinting, possibly to include sold items from website offerings. PRICE
Semans, S.Daniel K.E. Ching Sale of Chinese & Oriental Numismatics   1375 lots Chinese ancient, modern, medals, tokens, forgeries, PRC, paper, Japan, Asia in deluxe format sale. Extensive numismatic notes by Bruce W. Smith. Offering-census figures on modern China. Held 6/91 in Long Beach just before the Superior Goodman sale & the upswing in the modern China market 134p, incl. PR & post-sale fixed price offers12.50
LotB15Wholesale lists   : (W)29*,41,42,44,45*,48*,49,50,51*,52*,53,54*,55*,W58,W58a, 1977-90, not a complete run. * are full stocklists, others 2pp supplements. #54-55 have photos. (Each* .75, suppl. .25)    Lot of 15:5.00
Current Wholesale lists    W59,W59x,W60c,W60a,W60b Outdated, but many items still available. Proof of dealer status or resale activity required.ASK