Numistmatic References Introduction

Specialties: Asia, Africa, Ethnographic monies. I try to list the standard or most useful titles in each category whether or not they are in stock; let me know if you spot omissions. Listings in blue are the very basic works in a broad area with bias toward catalogs, English language, and low cost. There are MANY other titles in stock; please inquire by author or subject area. More extensive critical reviews are available for most titles and I am always glad to recommend. If you advise your collecting or research interests I can send you email notice of new arrivals in your categories, often at special earlybird prices.

Abbreviations & Conventions: p = pages, pl = plates, cpl = color plates, R= Reprint, RR =Revised reprint, OP = Out of Print, L =List price, sc = softcover, hc = hardcover, xox = photocopy, Loose = looseleaf (or 3-ring punched), 2v = 2 volumes, V2 = Volume 2. Sizes in inches unless c = cm; Language of text is same as title unless noted, but title in parentheses is a loose translation of a title not in Western characters. Bilingual means English plus the language of the title or subject.   PICTURES: When you see the AUTHOR NAME as a link, it will show the cover; when TITLE is a link, it shows contents or sample page. I am slowly adding these links.

Pricing and Discounts: Books are generally priced below list, and I try to price out-of-prints on the low side. Please let me know if you see a lower price somewhere (factoring in shipping charges). I charge only the actual postal costs, no handling fee. List prices are given in the currency of the publisher. I am a wholesaler for some titles, so dealers please inquire.

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Online Numismatic Bibliographies which I have been able to locate are linked here and a particularly useful one emphasizing Islamic & Central Asian literature, with useful summaries and comments, is made available by Jim Farr.

Other sellers linked at this site: For works that I do not stock, I may link to or give contact information for authors, other dealers or institutions which can supply them. If you have trouble contacting or have a negative experience with any of these sources, please let me know.

Finding Out of Print Books: Some books are included in my listings even though not presently in stock, because I believe they are useful and wish to make collectors and researchers aware of them. You may let me know of your interest, and I will advise if I get a copy, but I do not actively work want-lists and the chances of my finding you a copy are slim.

Many references can be found in public and academic libraries, or borrowed from numismatic society libraries. To find books for purchase, one strategy is to search author and/or title on Google, Bing, or Duck-Duck-Go . There are several brokers or search sites, including Abebooks , Addall, and Bookfinder. No single one of them seems to turn up as many entries as a search of all three. It is difficult for self-publishers to get their works into Amazon's system, so they miss many specialized numismatic works. Ebay's World Numismatic Literature category is worth checking, though most listings are for Krause catalogs and obsolete works. I am also seeking advice on searching for booksellers in France, Germany, and other non-English speaking countries, though you may have limited success with Abebooks, Germany,  Abebooks, France,   or this Spanish site. For books published in India, check these Sources. For books on Mediterranean Ancients check Spink and Charles Davis. Firms auctioning numismatic literature with catalogs available online include: George F. Kolbe,   Lake Books,   Orville Grady.

[Estimates] in square brackets are for your guidance in bidding or searching other sellers; these are not sales offers, just my idea of market value.

I'm Buying: Out of print works, singles, quantity, or libraries. I welcome information on new titles in my specialty areas. I often find out about works published in China or India from customers.