Main references are R = The Coinage of Nepal by Rhodes, Gabrisch, and Valdettaro for early material, K (Krause-Mishler) for later. Cross-refs are given to W = Walsh, M = Mitchiner's Non-Islamic and C = Craig, Y = Yeoman for modern. See HERE for books for sale. I sometimes add my own letter suffixes or made-up numbers for varieties. Please order by the reference cited at the far left of the listing.
     The core of this offering is my own collection, which was built on the Panish collection. Some items are consigned by a Nepali supplier, and reflect the high prices in that market. The KM prices for scarce items should not be taken seriously.

     AVAILABILITY: Listings below are 98% correct. Sold TYPES are removed as they sell, though sold DATES may still show. I do make mistakes, so there is a 2% chance your wanted TYPE is sold even though still shown below.


Q27   Goodman Collection   Lot 1918 from Superior June 3-4, 1991 Sale. 48 coins incl. 4 AR Mohurs, AR 2 Mohur, some minor silver & early coppers in nice grade. Still sealed as auctioned. Click on Stock # for scan. $189.50


R1   "Sri Manananka", ca 576-605 AE 25m, Lion left, R: Female diety Copper MN#196   Crude G+-VG (details basically clear) $16.50;; VF, chalky color, crack around edge, not affecting integrity of coin $30
R1L   Lot of odd pieces: Two low weight (7g) likely contemp fakes, one worn genuine piece, and one broken in 3 pieces   Lot: 17.50

R5    - - iron alloy (magnetic). Rhodes suggests a different but contemporary mint. Least expensive example of Nepal's early coinage.   Crude Poor-G $6.00; F-VF (shown) SOLD

R97v   "Pashupati", very thin, light piece   Vg 3.75

R161   "Vrsha" type, ca. 680-90 with Recumbent Bull / Trident & "Siva" 15m MN-203c     Pr $4;

R170   Silver Dam, 1098-1126? Winged lion, R: Sri, 7m, fist Nepali silver coin     G-Vg $8; Vg-F $19; F-VF (shown enlarged) 29.00 SOLD
R171   Silver Dam, 1098-1126? Winged lion, R: Sri possibly with extra character or symbol?    Blackened, but exceptional EF $83.50

R173   Rectangular copper, 1098-1126? Sword / Trident    dark, rough surface, Vg? (scan enlarged) consignor priced 125.00


R256   Lakshmi Narasimha 1620-1641 ND 26m Type patterned on a Bengali Sultans tanka K160 W10   F+, mount marks at edge Consignor priced: 175.00

R259   Pratapa Malla 1641-74 NE 761 Based on design of a Bengal tanka K163 W11   VF Consignor priced: 85.00
R263   Pratapa Malla Dam K162     F-VF 7.50

R264   Chakravartendra Malla 1669 NE789 K173   VF, slight mount trace at edge Consignor priced: 90.00

R269   Nripendra Malla 1680-87 Mohur NE794 K186 VF   Consignor priced: 800.00
R272   Nripendra Malla Dam K179   F 13.50

R283   Bhupalendra Malla , 1687-1700 Mohur NE812 The first of the eight-petal or chyasing design, later popular in Tibet K208 W20    EF 50.00
R285   Bhupalendra Malla, 1687-1700 Mohur NE820 "Kavindra" K209    VF Consignor priced: 90.00
R302    Bhaskara Malla Dam K213    VF-EF 12.00

R298   Bhaskara Malla Mohur NS821 groups of dots both sides    VF+ 85.00
R303a   Mahindra Simha 1715-22 NE835 four dots at sides of trident. Not in Rhodes    F 55.00
R306    Mahindra Simha 1715-22 1/4 Mohur NE835 K226    EF-AU, hole Consignor priced: 85.00
R312   Mahindra Simha Dam K219   VF 25.00

R326   Jaya Jagajjaya Dam K227 (ex-229)     VF 18.50; EF 27.50

R337   Jaya Prakash 1735-46 & c.1750-68 Dam K235 AU 10.00
R337a   Jaya Prakash Dam simplified Pra:   EF 8.50
R361    Jaya Prakash 1735-46 & c.1750-68 Mohur NE873 K260    F, porous from heating to remove mount (trace remains) Consignor priced: 250.00

R351   Jyoti Prakash 1746-50 Dam Jyo vs Jo NE K277v   EF 30.00


R469    Jaya Vishnu Malla 1729-45 NE851 K400 W67    VF+, dark area Consignor priced: 40.00

R377   Siddhi Narasimha Dam K296   VF 30.00

R382   Srinavasa Malla 1661-85 NE786 Mohur Date within circle K307 W54     F 30.00
R472   Jaya Vishnu Malla 1/4 Mohur NE849 K392    F-VF, tar, ex-mount Consignor priced: 75.00

R501   Jaya Ranajit Malla 1762-3 Mohur NE882 Larger than usual for mohur, 30mm. Shown 300%.    EF 185.00S

R514   Tej Narasimha Malla 1765-68 Dam K435 sun & moon by sword; off-center VF-EF 22.50


R580   Ranajit Malla Dam no sword K90   VF 9.00


   Please order by K# at far left of listings; I have substituted letter suffixes for decimals (.1=a, etc.). R (Rhodes) #'s are given as cross-reference for varieties. C = Craig.

K464   Prithvi Narayan 1768-75 1/4 Mohar S1692 C23   VF 35.00
K454a   Prithvi Narayan 1768-75 Mohar Obv. sun to left S1676 C7   VF Consignor priced: 75.00
K454b   Prithvi Narayan 1768-75 Mohar Obv. moon to left S1683 C7a   F+, consignor considers it a rare date Consignor priced: 300.00

K472c    Pratap Simha Mohur Separated-petals type coined for Tibet, and often found cut. R640, KM-472.2    1697 VF+ 25.00; EF, bit of lustre 30.00

K490   Rana Bahadur 1777-99 Brass Paisa for use in hill areas VS1844 R1333 C49   20-25% of legends visible 12.50
K494b   Rana Bahadur 1777-94 1/8 Mohar ND Broad frame of dots (as KM illo.) R717   AEF, ex-mount consignor priced 100.00
K496    Rana Bahadur & Q. Rajes Rajesvari S1716 R715 C72   VF,exmt 3 solder spots 10.00
K502c   Rana Bahadur & Q. Lalita Tripura Sundari Mohur, small flan    1712 EF 12.50
K503c   Rana Bahadur & Q. Lalita Tripura Sundari 2 Mohur1712 Supposed to be 25m, but is 27m. Not recorded in Rhodes or KM.    Fine, damage from mount removal Consignor priced: 125.00

K529b   Girvan Yuddha Mohar C78 S1724 crude UC 25.00

K553   Rajendra Vikrama 1816-47 Dam C92   Fine 12.50; EF 25.00
K556   Rajendra Vikrama 1/8 Mohar R931 C95   VF chips inmargins but inscription clear $8   EF Consignor priced: $30
K565.1   Rajendra Vikrama Mohar,1738 Error transitiional type where the obv. Sri Sri Sri of Girvan Yuddha has been clumsily recut into moon and sun, and rev. Sri 3 at top of inner circle is flanked by moon and sun instead of 3 pellets used for later dates of this ruler.   AF Consignor priced: 300.00
K565a   Rajendra Vikrama Mohar, rounded pellets C99 S1738,39,41,46,47,66 F-VF $6.00
K565c   Rajendra Vikrama Mohar, Elongated pellets S1757 AU $25.00

K586   Surendra Vikrama 1847-81 AE Dam (C145)    S1790,91,92,93 crude VF 2.85
K588   Surendra Vikrama Paisa, four chars. top line rev. 1787   VF-EF 6.50
K590   Surendra Vikrama Paisa, three chars. top line rev. (C146)   1798 G+ .50; 1787,90,91,92,97,99 Vg-F 1.75
K592   Surendra Vikrama 2 Paisa 1791   crude G-Vg $1
K602a   Surendra Vikrama Mohur hand struck (C154)    1776,78,86 VF 7.50;
K602x   Surendra Vikrama Mohur Contemporary fakes, silver coated copper. Rhodes does not mention anything going on to explain this, but I have found many old fakes of this type.   Each: 4.00
K625a   Prithvi Vira Vikrama Paisa, footprints above crossed knives, floral borders pointing upward VS1945. R1274   crude EF Consignor priced: 75.00
K628   Prithvi Vira Vikrama Paisa, wreaths (YA3, R1287+) Earlier dates have broader (23-24m) flans, dropping to 22m around 1952-53.   1952,3,4,6,9, 60,1,2 AF--F 1.25; 1950,51,61,64 F-VF 3.00
K629   Prithvi Vira Vikrama Paisa, squares (YB3, R1308+)    1965,6,7,8 F-VF 1.25;
K632   Prithvi Vira Vikrama 2 Paisa, footprints above crossed knives, crescent borders. (Y4)   1950 crude engraving and flan, dot below feet (R1277) Vg-F 3.00; crude F-VF 5.50
K639d   Prithvi Vira Vikrama 1/16 Mohar (Adhani), (after 1817 AD) (Y11, R1265)   toned EF consignor priced 150.00
K642   Prithvi Vira Vikrama 1/4 Mohar (Y13.1, R1251-52)   1816,17 F-VF 3.50, VF-EF 5.50; 1817 UC 20.00
K649   Prithvi Vira Vikrama 1/2 Mohar 1833 (Y14.4, R1245-47)     Prooflike, lite spots (R1256) 45.00
K651a   Prithvi Vira Vikrama Mohar machine struck, plain edge, 3 dots by Sri 3 rev. (Y15.1, R-Ty2, K651.1)    1808,20,28,31 AF-F 3.85; 1820,21,25,27 VF 4.95; 1820, 21 AU-UC 8.50
K656   Prithvi Vira Vikrama 2 Mohar milled edge, 29m 1832 (Y16.5, R1195)    EF-AU 22.50
K685   Tribhuvana     Paisa, squares 1978,85 (Y27)   1969,70,71,74,75,76 F+VF 1.25
K686.1   Tribhuvana     Paisa. Large 23mm pattern without "NEPAL" below. 1975, 5.16 gm.    toned AU, small flan crack 3:00 $200.00
K688   Tribhuvana     Paisa, circles, coarse denticles, probably machine struck, but cruder than the fine-denticles type. (Y29b) I have never seen an exmaple of K687.2.     1979,80,81,82,84,85,86,87 VF 1.75; EF 2.75   K688E 8mm edge clip, minor error 2.00
KA689   Tribhuvana     2 Paisa. Fine style, machine struck on finished blank, 1978, 5.47 gm. Probably a trial strike, it is illustrated in KM as 689.1 but not listed.   golden UC 100.00
K689b   Tribhuvana     2 Paisa, Light (5-5.7g?) (Y30b.1, K689.3)   1979,80,81,82,83,84 VF 2.50
K689m   Tribhuvana     2 Paisa, Light (4.6-5.5g?) Very crude engraving and strike, irregular flans. Almost certainly a different mint than 689b. (Y30b.2, K689.2) Left knife over right.    crude F-VF 1978,79,80,81,82,83,84,85 2.50
K689n   Tribhuvana     2 Paisa, Light (4.6-5.5g?) Very crude engraving and strike, irregular flans. Almost certainly a different mint than 689b (Y30b.2, K689.2) Right knife over left.    very crude "F" 1978,80,81,82,83,85 2.75
KA690   Tribhuvana     5 Paisa. Fine style, machine struck on finished blank, 1978, 13.40 gm. Probably a trial strike, it is illustrated in KM as 690.1 but not listed.   light brown UC 100.00
K690m   Tribhuvana     5 Paisa, Light (11-13.2g?) Almost certainly a different mint than 690b. (Y31b.2, K690.2) Left knife over right.    1983,84 very crude "Vg-F" 3.25
K690n   Tribhuvana     5 Paisa, Light (11-13.2g?) Almost certainly a different mint than 690b. (Y31b.2, K690.2) Right knife over left.     crude F 5.00
K690NL   Tribhuvana     5 Paisa, Light (11-13.2g?) Right knife over left. Oddball lot: one without date, another extremely crude & light weight   Pair: 12.00
K692   Tribhuvana     1/4 Mohar 1969, (Y32)   Fine 2.50;
K695   Tribhuvana     2 Mohar (Y35) Common   1984 Fine 5.50; 1983, 84, 85 UC 13.50
K706   Tribhuvana     Paisa, copper, trident rev. (Y40)   a) First wreath 1991 EF or 1992 F 2.25;    b) Second wreath 1993, 95, 97 EF 2.25
K707   Tribhuvana     Paisa knife rev. (Y43)   a) Brass 2001 VF .50
K711   Tribhuvana     5 Paisa large copper (Y42)   1992,93,94,96,97 F+-VF 2.25
K716   Tribhuvana     20 Paisa .333 silver (Y46a)   2009, 10 VF .75; 2009 (looks like 6) Strong "Pflk" restrike from mintsets 4.00
K718   Tribhuvana     50 Paisa .800 silver, 18m diagonal across square (Y47)    1989 (different 8 and 9) Strong "Pflk" restrike from mintsets (K719) 7.50
K723   Tribhuvana     Rupee .800 silver (Y48)   1989 (different 8 and 9) Strong "Pflk" restrike from mintsets (K724) 12.50
K726   Tribhuvana     Rupee .333 silver (Y48a)    2009 VF 3.00; 2006
K736    Tribhuvana & Mahendra    5 Paisa, hand, bronze (not brass as per KM) (Y62)   2012, 14 UC .85
K737    Tribhuvana & Mahendra    10 Paisa, bronze (Y63)   .2) raised rim 2011 weak EF 1.00
K738    Tribhuvana & Mahendra    20 Paisa (Y64)   2010 UC flat rim 40.00
K739    Tribhuvana & Mahendra    25 Paisa (Y65)   2012 VF-EF 1.50
K740    Tribhuvana    50 Paisa, portrait (Y56)   2011 AU 1.50, UC 2.25
K754    Mahendra    4 Paisa, center hole 2012 (Y61)    UC 3.75
K794    Mahendra    10 Rupee low-fineness Silver 2025 (1968) F.A.O. Bust left (Y97)   UC
MINORS   Mahendra All UC unless noted. Be sure to give K# for each item when ordering.    K746 1P 2014,15,19,20 .35 .35; K747 1P 2021,22 .30; K751 2P 2014,15,18,19 .35; K752 2P 2021,22 .30; K757 5P 2014,15,19,20 .60; ; K758a 5P 2121,22,23 .30; K762 10P 2019 .65; K764 10P 2021,22,23 .40;K773 25P 2024 EF-AU .40, 2024,25 .75; K777 50P 2013,14,17, EF+AU .50, 2012,13,17 1.75, 2016 (stain),20 1.25; Lot of 11 diff dates 3.00

Z2   JUNK LOT   Leftovers from a collection, mostly retail under $1.50, a worn AR mohur and a couple older pieces, but mostly AU-UC 1950s-90s 63 pcs.   17.50


     See Rhodes Chapter V for most listings.

R1354   Bhutwaliya or Gorakhpuri 2 Paisa (Dhyak) rough uninscribed rectangular, 10.06, 10.24gm, magnetic   Each: 12.00
R1352k   Bhutwaliya or Gorakhpuri Paisa (Dhebua), rough uninscribed rectangular, 10.66gm, nonmagnetic, with what appears to be a three-lobed leaf and stem cut in.   ex-Panish coll. labelled "19th Cent. (Private token)   15.00

K490   Rana Bahadur Paisa, in Arabic: Maharaja rana Bahadur Shah Shamshere Jang, Rev: Zarb Nepal(?), Chisapani(?) Garhi, Samvat 1844 (C49, R1333)    1844 crude G-Vg 8.50; No date vis cr. Pr-G 2.00
K490b   Rana Bahadur Paisa, Arabic legends, bright yellow brass instead of the usual copper. Not mentioned in Rhodes   crude G-Vg, date barely visible 15.00

K517   Girvan Yuddha AE Dam, in Arabic: Sri Maharajah Girvan yuddha Vikram Shah, R: Zarb Nepal, Beni, Samvat (1)861 but usually illegible. Nonmagnetic. (C200, R1344)   crude Vg-F 1.85; crude F-VF 4.50
R-nl   What's This? The Katar is clear and suggests Nepal, but it could be an Indian state issue. 13.80gm, 22mm


     Crudely packaged in slide-window cardboard holders, some types were restruck just for the sets, producing unique varieties or types. Some of the coppers are toned.

MS2   1/4,1/2,1 Mohar, 1949 Silver 20P 2006 (K716), 50P,1R 1989 (K719, 724 found only in these sets). (Y46a,47-48)   UC 22.50
MS7    Tribhuvanaa K738 20 p. 2014; K739 25 P. 2010; K740 50 P. 2011; K742 1 R. 2011 (Y56-57,64-65)   UC 9.00


Tn1   Mint Token   12 Paisa, iron, using 1/2 Mohar dies (1902) Possibly used as payment for various classes of workers on the Royal Palace construction. (K997)   EF light rust 19.50; more rust 12.50
Tn2   Mint Token   14 Paisa, iron (1902) (K998)   EF light rust 19.50; more rust 12.50
Tn3   Mint Token   16 Paisa, brass, using Mohar dies (1902) (K999)   EF/+ 22.50; VF but solder spot or verdigris, Each: 10.00

Tn12   Mint Canteen 1/2 Paisa, aluminum, 18m, old fashioned screw press. For use in Kathmandu Mint canteen, period unknown.   Fine 4.50; AU-UC 6.00

RM26+   Fake Clay TokenLot   Group of 12 different modern fake clay tokens, mostly not in Rhodes. An important rogues' gallery.   Lot: 100.00

RM27   Fake Clay Token   Hexagonal 12m black clay token, Obv: Sri Indrani, Rev: die of suki of Siddi Narasimha of Patan with date 774. Rhodes says these and others were made in Bhatgaon in the 1960s.   4.85
M140   Military Decoration    Two different for 2023, bronze with bars, 35m   Each: 35.00

M145   Small military decorations or replicas, 17m, bronze or copper.   Pair: 15.00

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