We have printed wholesale lists for dealers, and for dealers only. A series of web pages for dealers only is under construction; please ask for the web address. Dealer orders from retail lists or this website requesting discount will be filled, with % discount, after the retail backlog (if any) is cleared. Most underpriced and popular items will be sold out by then.

   Whatever your level of activity, if you are buying for resale, please contact me. If you are not known to me as a dealer I may request some verification, though I always welcome part-time and startup dealers. Printed lists, print advertising, a retail website, a history of offerings on eBay, and tables at shows are examples of things that tell me you are a dealer.    Our wholesale lists are badly in need of revision. Although may items are sold out, lists W58, W58a, and W59 are current for regular coins. List W60c is reasonably up to date and covers odd & curious monies, tokens, antiquities, and books. A supplement to W60c with new items is also available. If you do not have copies, please contact me.

   BOOKS I will grant dealers a % discount on book orders. Exception: books that are hard to get, or out of print and important for my coin-buying customers will not be sold to dealers. Also I may request a deposit or prepayment on high-value out-of-stock import titles.