To place an order or inquire . . . .

YES, it is available. I do make mistakes and fall behind, but I remove sold items as they sell, so your item should be available.

Telephone is fastest, as I sometimes fall behind checking email. Morning is best, but my answering machine is safe. Please leave all ORDER INFORMATION or best time to return your call. Email: Please include all ORDER INFORMATION in your FIRST email, as each exchange may add days. I usually ship by postal service and pass on to you the exact charges. Tell me if you want an invoice showing exact costs before I charge your card. Using Paypal may result in slower shipment. (See PAYPAL below).

ORDER INFORMATION  needed to start your order or answer your inquiry:

NAME  so I can keep track of your order or request.

MAILING ADDRESS  so I can quote shipping charges.

FOR BOOKS:    Author, Title (Edition), and price. Or just copy and paste the entire listing INCLUDING PRICE.

FOR COINS, ETC:    Country or Category (such as beads), Reference or stock number at beginning of listing, date (if it matters), Grade, and Price. Or just copy and paste the entire listing.

PAYMENT METHOD (First time buyers only):   Paypal and credit cards may require different shipping methods. Credit card details in first email speed your shipment.

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Weekdays best
Subject line: "Order" or "Inquire"

Backup only if this bounces or no reply within 3 business days: POSTAL:
Scott Semans
P.O. Box 2347
Issaquah, WA 98027

Shipping is extra at cost. (blog) I take VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay, $, £, €. (Paypal, see below.) Installment payments are welcome. Ten day return privilege.

After receiving your order, I send you an email invoice showing what is available, actual shipping costs or options, the total $ due, and the date shipped (if you are an established customer, or provide credit card information with order). If you have not established credit, I will await paymet before shipping. I often run a few days late in processing orders. Including all ORDER INFORMATION (see above) in your original email will help speed the transaction.

   We charge you exactly what we pay the postal service, period. No handling charges.   For USA a few coins is usually under $3, and foreign under $5. Insurance ($1.70+) or registration ($10.80) extra. Unless you give a go-ahead when ordering, we will quote the exact charges on your invoice and ask approval before charging ( = an extra email delay.)   Heavy shipments / Private carriers.

go first class (priority) insured or registered unless I elect to self-insure (rate lower than USPS) or unless you accept risk of loss or damage. No invoice enclosed to Canada.
   Books go book rate (media mail) unless you request first class; usually M-bag to Canada. For orders over $100 I can also ship UPS, Fedex, or as you instruct.

go least expensive airmail rate. I automatically register over $150. Tell us if you would like registration on lower value shipments. Shipments to certain countries including Germany and India where registered mail is not reliable and paid by paypal or credit card, MUST go by Express mail insured for full value (minimum postage $55). I can ship by private carrier if you prefer; there is a $5 extra charge for paperwork preparation.
   Books are now expensive to ship, as surface mail has been discontinued. Books which will fit a standard 240x375mm flat-rate envelope go for $23.95. Larger packages cost at least $43 (Europe: MBag) to $60 (Asia: Flat-rate box), but not much more as the weight increases. We will be glad to quote exact charges for your order. Payments by Paypal or VISA/MC may require delivery confirmation resulting in 50-100% higher costs. Rates quoted are valid July 2013.  Examples
   Invoice is sent only by email, unless you request a printed copy. I declare a low value on the package to discourage theft. I can prepare a special invoice if you wish it.

Processing small orders usually results in a LOSS to me. I do not mind small orders from regular customers, but generally must decline orders from new customers under $10 (USA) or $20 (outside USA), or $25 (outside USA payment by Paypal or credit card). Book and non-book items are considered separate orders. Book orders under $100 outside USA which do not fit in a flat-rate envelope will generally be declined, as postal rates are prohibitive. Any order outside USA in which shipping costs are 25% or more of the total charge will have a $3 service fee added. Registered shipments under $100 incur a $3 service fee to cover special packaging and paperwork.

   USA & Canada
Delivery is guaranteed. Save the packaging if something is missing. Exceptions: 1) Failure to notify us of a change in shipping address; 2) Declining or failing to remit sufficient for postal insurance when billed.
   Foreign: All risks to buyer. Registered mail to "first world" countries rarely gets lost, but it does happen. Full postal insurance is available to many countries, but declared value (customs) must match insured value. In the event of loss of a registered item where maximum indemnity is fixed by the USPS below $50, there is NO reimbursement to the buyer, as the costs of processing the claim exceed the amount gained. Failure of delivery is not valid grounds for a charge-back claim.

   Account We maintain accounts for regular customers. If you are an established customer, you may pay after receipt of goods, check or money order preferred, but other methods (below) acceptable. You are welcome to pay off large orders over 2-4 months. You may keep funds on account with us against future orders. On request, we will refund or forward to third parties excess funds in your account.
   Check, money order, cash: $, € or £. € payments by banknotes only. £ may be paid directly to our Barclays account.   Use your bank's "middle rate" or a currency converter..    How to mail cash safely.
    VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay Accepted, subject to some restrictions.    I do not have online acceptance, but you may phone (425-369-1725) or safely email me with the details.   Heavy orders (including books) shipped outside USA and paid with credit card will require more expensive trackable shipping methods, insurance, and full value declared: examples.
   Wire Transfer: A) Bank to bank: Not recommended for small amounts. Over $1000, please request details. I credit only what I receive so you must add some extra to cover the bank fees, which run $10-$35 or more and can not be predicted. B) Western Union: Please pay fees at your end, and add $5 pickup charge. Advise us of their control number. Patience, please as pickup may take a week.

   1) Surcharges: We reserve the right to charge credit card users the amount of the processing fee, or any portion thereof, or not. Our policy is 1) To notify the customer before making the charge and offer alternate payment methods, and 2) To apply the charge only to: Wholesale sales, discounted retail sales, gold, items priced within 5% of bullion value, sales where shipping costs more than 25% of merchandise value, and any fees over 2% (such as rewards cards, corporate cards, non-US banks). Mastercard from outside the USA will be surcharged 2% for ALL purchases, due to their higher fees.
   2) Returns For merchandise returns and cancelled sales, we reserve the right to refund MINUS the amount charged by your issuing bank for processing the original transaction which could amount to as much as 4% of the transaction amount. If you are using a card that provides cash back or unusual benefits, please expect this charge when making returns.

   Name & Address First   You must supply to us directly, by email, phone, or letter, your NAME and SHIPPING ADDRESS. If the name or shipping address is different from that on your Paypal account, please explain. When we have name and address, we will prepare an invoice with instructions on how to remit to our Paypal account. We do not send a payment request through the Paypal system.
   Patience, Please!   We often run days behind in processing emails. This includes payment notices from Paypal. When you are a regular customer, or supply credit card information with your order, or we have it on file, shipping is faster.
   Surcharges & Restrictions   No surcharge for a first order under $99. For first orders over $99 and all subsequent orders I pass on just a portion of their high charges: USA: 1% of their 3% fee; non-USA: 2% of their 4% fee. Wholesale sales, discounted retail sales, or where shipping costs are greater than 25% of the total, full fees (3-4%) will be billed back to the customer. We do not accept Paypal under these conditions.
   Non-US: Books and Heavy Items:    Heavy orders (including books) shipped outside USA will require more expensive trackable shipping methods, insurance, and full value declared. Paying by other means opens cheaper options,and may result in lower customs fees.   Examples. Do not put the name of any country or city in a Paypal message as U.S. government spyware may cause the payment to be returned.
   Why NOT to use Paypal   Blog: some downsides of Paypal accounts.

Your complete satisfaction is my goal, so if what you receive is not wanted for any reason, please return it. I offer many unusual things, and would rather you see it and decide for yourself, than pass it up from uncertainty, so feel free to order anything "on approval". No strict time limit, but ten days after receipt should be enough time to make a decision. Please let me know if you need longer. It helps if you include the invoice (or photocopy) in the same package with the returned goods. Pack well to avoid damage in shipment; use the original packing if still sound. No reason need be given, but your comments help me improve my service. For VISA/MC Payers: For merchandise returns and cancelled sales, we reserve the right to refund MINUS the amount charged by your issuing bank for processing the original transaction which could amount to as much as 4% of the transaction amount. If you are using a card that provides cash back or unusual benefits, please expect this charge when making returns.

My grading definitions and standards.

My guarantee spelled out.

Please let me know in detail what you collect. New material may be offered to customers first by printed list or individual offer, and if I do not know of your interest in that country or category, you will not get the offer. I sometimes give early notice of new books in your areas of interest, often with low earlybird prices.


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