This is an offering of titles on European, Colonial, and Latin American numismatic subjects. These are not my dealing specialties, so I have included only a few not-in-stock titles for informational purposes. Listings with blue background are standard references or important generalized works for their category. Red author name links to a scan of the cover, and red title links to a sample pfage, or contents page. [Estimates] in parentheses are informational, not a for-sale offer. Small Order Charge under $10. I buy books. Libraries and single copies are wanted.

Good sources for European and Colonial numismatic literature are Spink & Son (England), Mevius Numisbooks (Netherlands), and Münzgalerie Münich (Germany) whose catalog you must download (lower left icon).


Boudeau, E.Monnaies Francaises Provinciales  Reprint of a useful, inexpensive work on Provincial conage; French text.. 308p, sc, 1907R1970,96NOT IN STOCK
Craig, William D.Germanic Coinages: Charlemagne Through Wilhelm II  Not a catalog but a very useful handbook for attributions.     242p+supl, hc, 1954 (Photocopy reprint of the Supplement 16p $1)NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnEuropean Crowns Since 1800  193p, 6x9, hc, 1947, values sheet laid in.   Obsolete9.00
Davenport, JohnEuropean Crowns & Thalers Since 1800  423p, 6x9, hc, 1964,values sheet laid in. Dav. #s 1-974  Successor to 1947 work.Bibliography and Inscriptions index still useful, but listings superceded by KM.9.00
Davenport, JohnEuropean Crowns 1700- 1800  334p, hc, 6x9, 1958R1964. Dav. #s1001-1856  Inscriptions index and Index of Mintmaster Initials still useful, but listings superceded by KM.12.00
Davenport, JohnEuropean Crowns 1600-1700  634p, hc, 6x9, 1974   Until Krause comes out with a 17th cent. volume, this will be in strong demand. [Est. Market Value: $175]NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnEuropean Crowns 1484-1600  334p, ,hc, 6x9, 1977R1985; Dav #'s 8001-8899 [Est. Market Value: $25-50]NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnGerman Talers Since 1800  207p, 6x9, hc, 1949 (only edition), Errata (additions) brochure and 1956 values chart laid in.  Inscriptions index still useful, but otherwise superceded by KM.NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnGerman Talers 1700- 1800  Numbers 1900-2915; 416p, 6x9, hc, 1958R1965, 1965 values chart laid in.   Inscriptions index and Mintmasters Initials chart useful, otherwise superceded by KM.NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnGerman Secular Talers 1600- 1700   Dav #'s 6001-7904, 588p, hc, 6x9,1976, still in print [Est. Market Value: $30-45]NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnGerman Church & City Talers 1600-1700  Dav#'s 5001-5999; 351p, hc, 6x9, 1967?R1975, still in print [Est. Market Value: $30-45] NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnGerman Talers 1500-1600  Numbers 8901-10063. Inscriptions index, Bibliography. Still useful as KM does not cover this period.   422p, hc, 6x9, 1979, NEW copy [Est. Market Value: $85]NOT IN STOCK
Davenport, JohnThe Dollars of Africa, Asia & Oceania  Usual Davenport format, full-sized, two-sided photos of every major type, including mideast and African counterstamp types & Fantasies   208p, hc, 196919.50
Davenport, JohnLarge Size Silver Coins of The World  Multiple Thalers of Germanic world plus other European and outlying silver over 50mm. Revised 1972 ed. includes modern collector garbage, appropriately unillustrated.   186p, 8.5x11", hc, 197235.00
Dolenec, IrislavHrvatska Numizmatika     Appears to be an exhaustive catalog of Croatian coins (408+), banknotes & scrip (178+), and tokens (56+) from Medieval times. Good b&w photos in text, color plates at chapter starts. Banknotes in color. Croatian text. Separate valuations sheet. A beautifully produced book.   192p, hc, 8.5x11, 1993? NOT IN STOCK
Doty, Richard G..The Soho Mint: The Industrialization of Money  Said to be an excellent work. Not well distributed.     350p, 1998NOT IN STOCK
Eklund, O.P.Copper Coins of Austria Hungary  Covers 1700s-1900s. Mediocre-quality reprint from The Numismatist   15p, sc,1933R1.25
Eklund, O.P.Copper Coins of Italy (excluding Papal States)  Covers 1550s to 1890s. Mediocre-quality reprint from The Numismatist   65p, sc3.00
Eklund, O.P.Copper Coins of the Papal States   Covers 1556-1849. Mediocre-quality reprint from The Numismatist   37p, sc2.00
Eklund, O.P.Copper Coins of Central and South America   Covers Independent coinages. Mediocre-quality reprint from The Numismatist   26p, sc1.50
Eklund, O.P.Copper Coins of Spain   Covers 1474-1860s. (Better 1962 reprint 3.00); Mediocre-quality reprint from The Numismatist   20p, sc1.50
Federov-Davidov, G.A. Monet• Nyzhegorodskoto Knyazhectva (Coins of the Novgorod Principality)   Discussion and catalog of 1030 AR coins of Nizhny-Novgorod Grand Principality (incl. Gorodezk, Suzdal, etc.). Russian text. Ninety plates show both photos and drawings, all enlarged for detail..   162p+37ppl+53dpl, 7x9", hc, 198950.00
Feller, Ray & SteveSilent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of World War II   Comprehensive coverage of Concentration Camp, Ghetto, Internment Camp, and Displaced Person Camp monies, including background on issuing camps, numbered catalog with excellent color photos and valuations, and perioid photographs. Coins, banknotes, stamps, coupons, tickets & related items are listed. Format is similar to World War II Remembered and production values are top-notch. Valuations in the hundreds and thousands of dollars reveal the rarity of these tragic numismatic ephemera.   168p, 8.5x11", sc, 2007    Available for about $40 from Bill Rosenblum
Francis, PeterThe Glass Trade Beads of Europe   History and identification of Venetian, Dutch, etc. beads traded into Africa, Asia & the Americas. One of few useful works on trade beads.   Color  70p+1cpl, 8-1/2x11", sc, 1988  OP and scarce.NOT IN STOCK
Francis, PeterBeads and the Discovery of the New World   Bead use among the Amerinds and the beginnings of the bead trade from Europe.   66p, sc, 8.5x11", 1986, OPNOT IN STOCK
Gilloteau, VictorMonnaies Francases: Colonies 1640-1942, Metropole 1774-1942    Good reprint of the classic work on French and Colonial   829p, 5x7, hc, 1942R196639.50
Guinovart, JorgeLa Plata Española & El Oro Español    Nicely produced catalogs of issues 1747 on, including Colonial; values by date.    111, 129p, 6x9, hc, 1968   worn dj's and some yellowing, Pair:35.00
Hafner, WalterLexicon of the Maria Theresien Taler   Cataloguing over 100 MT Thalers including original issues & fractionals, numerous restrikes, an overstrike, many Asian & African c/s (some false), and two chop- marked (one quite heavily!). Brief introduction; good plates cat #'s, attribution, differentiating details, mintage, price in three grades. Looseleaf 1987 supplement with 40 additional listings, corrections, and "how to find" section. Bilingual.    52p+42pl, 8.5x6", sc, 1984 + 13p, 8x11.5", 1987NOT IN STOCK
Lang, David M.A Hoard of 16th and 17th Century Russian Silver Coins  (NumChron, 1955) Brief work on wire kopecks in English, useful for attributing.    22p+2pl, sc, 1955R1981   (Photocopy 1.25)NOT IN STOCK
Lapa, FrankRussian Wire Money  Informative attribution guide using enlarged drawings.   15p, 5.5x8.5", sc, 1967, Reprint? red coverNOT IN STOCK
Levinson, RobertThe Early Dated Coins of Europe, 1234-1500   Extensive history of early dated coinage worldwide; photo & drawing-illus. catalog of over 1000 basic types, plus varieties; photo glossary, maps, indexes on legends, patron saints, mints & early coin-issuing states are useful to all collectors of Medieval coins; price guide.   284p+4cpl, hc, 2006?, List $85   Publisher's REVIEW;   Contributor's REVIEW.79.50
Matic, BrankoHrvatski Monetarni Suverenitet / Hrvatske Kovnice I Tiskare Novca   Possibly an introductory or overview work. Early bar money, Medieval, 1941 & modern commemorative coins and banknotes pictured. Numerous tables with specs. Croatian text.   104p, 6.5x9.5", sc, 201212.00
Mel'nikova, A.C. (Melnikova)Russkie monety ot Ivana Groznogo do Petra Peruogo   (Russian Coinage from Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great) Standard reference on 1533-1682 wire kopecks. Russian text..   320p+43pl, 6.5x9.5", hc,1989, huge chart separate.35.00
Menzel, PeterDeutschsprachige Notmünzen und Geldersatzmarken im Ausland 1840-1990 (v. 3)   Third volume in a general catalog of German-language tokens, this covers foreign locations, mostly Austria, Switzerland, Bohemia, etc. but some Colonial. Numbered, with specs and valuation, some with photos. No by-location index.   238p, 6.5x9.5", hc, 1997-32.50
Mevius, J.Speciale Catalogus van de Nederlandse Munten     2007 ed.  Covers all Dutch and colonial coins from 1795, including East Indies, with good photos and values in 4 grades.  244p, 5x8, sc, 2006 17.50
Schimmel, JerryGerman Tokens, Part I: Germany   Excluding notgeld & transportation tokens, a selection most likely to be found by North American collectors, 700+ items by town, illustrated by rubbings. Topical index, Glossary, no valuations.   88p, 5.5x8.5", sc, 1987, with separate Price Supplement:30.00
Schimmel, JerryGerman Tokens, Part II: (Colonial & Foreign)   Hundreds of German-language tokens from German colonies, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and worldwide, catalogued with rubbings & valuations. Over 200 from African & Asian locations.    159p, 5.5x8.5, sc, 198825.00
Schimmel, JerryFrench Tokens   Not exhaustive, but catalogs196 French plus about 150 foreign or Colonial in French language, many from the Mideast.   34p, sc, 5.5x8.5", 1983NOT IN STOCK
Schulman, HansAuction Sales   Sales with important offerings of Germany;   Latin Amrica-Spain-Portugal   Russia
Schwan, Fred & Boling, JosephWorld War II Remembered   Brief histories of the WWII period and its effect on numismatic items for over 100 countries, with a meticulous catalog of coins, emergency & P.O.W. money, tokens, medals, decorations, banknotes, scrip, etc. Many items are not found in conventional references for the given countries. There are 130 dense pages on Japan alone.   864p, 8.5x11", hc, 1995NOT IN STOCK
Spassky, Dr. I.G.The Russian Monetary system   Long time standard illustrated history of Russian coinage, often referenced as a catalog as most types are plated. Especially good for wire money.   253p, 8x10.5", hc, 1967 English ed, OP but I found a few copies55.00
Sweeny, James A Numismatic History of the Birmingham Mint   Catalog and very readable history.  245p, hc, 1981 OPNOT IN STOCK
Verkade, P.Muntboek, Namen en Afbeeldingen Van Munten   Catalog of Netherlands provincial coinage with very detailed woodcut plates.  220p+228pl, sc, 6x9", 1848R35.00
Andrews, ArthurAustralasian Tokens & Coins  Standard work on Australian tokens.   16pp+61pl, hc, 1921R1965, NOT IN STOCK
Atkins, JamesThe Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire  Still useful for early pieces.  408p, hc, 1889 OPNOT IN STOCK
DeClermont & WheelerSpink's Catalogue of British Colonial & Commonwealth Coins   A disappointing rehash of Krause 12-13th eds. without C&Y numbers.    704p, hc 7.5x9.5",1986, List $40. Clearance:2.95
Friedberg, Robt.Coins of the British World   Complete from 500 AD to the Present Type catalog with good photos and valuations, lists dates but does not price individually. Includes medieval England, Scotland, Ireland, Anglo- French, all colonies, protectorates, etc. A poor cousin to the Remick.    210p, 9x11, hc, 19626.00
Glendining & Baldwin'sPridmore Collection of the Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations: Part I West Indies, Canada, Europe, Africa   Main interest is West Indies cut & c/s, but includes European & African territories, many tokens. Sale order follows arrangement in books.   89p+32pl+PR, 9/81, 766 lots [Est. Market Value: $40+]NOT IN STOCK
Glendining & BaldwinPridmore Collection of the Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations: Part II Asian Territories, India, Australia   British India to 1835, Ceylon, Penang, Singapore, Straits, Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Hong Kong, BTD's, tokens. With PR. Plates only fair. 10/81, 102p+25pl, 822 lotsNOT IN STOCK
Glendining & BaldwinPridmore Collection of the Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations: Part III The Uniform Coinage of India   Includes many proofs & tokens but mostly bulk-lotted. New Zealand tokens. Plates only fair.10/83, 51p+9pl, 315 lots [Est. Market Value: $35]NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCoins of the British Commonwealth of Nations (CBCN) Part I: European Territories  Isle of Man, Lundy, Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar, Malta, Ionian Islands, Cyprus, to 1952 only. Includes tokens.    98p, 7x9.5", hc, 1962 [Est. Market Value: $25]NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCoins of the British Commonwealth of Nations Part II: Asian Territories   Important work, highly sought. Click title to see Contents. See also Glendining auction of Pridmore's collection.    NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCCBN Part III: West Indies  Includes tokens, cut and counterstamp issues. To 1952 only.   363p, 7x9.5", hc, 1965NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCoins of the British Com. of Nations Part IV, V.1 INDIA East India Co. 1642-1835   Detailed numismatic history and catalog of the complex Presidency series. Pridmore's works set the standard for scholarship on colonial Asian series. Most European sellers use P#'s rather than KM#'s for this series.    275p, 7.5x10", hc, 1975, OP [Est. Market Value: $125+]NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCoins of the British Com. of Nations Part IV, V.2 Portrait series 1835-1958   Detailed numismatic history and catalog of the later series. Far more informative than KM.    253p, 7.5x10", hc, 1980, OP [Est. Market Value: $150+]NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCoins & Coinages of the Straits Settlements & British Malaya 1786-1951 (Memoirs of the Raffles Museum #2, June, 1955)   More background than CBCN#2 and publishes full texts of coinage decrees. Does not cover token issues.  177p+12pl, sc, 6x10", 1955NOT IN STOCK
Pridmore, FredCoins & Coinages of the Straits Settlements & British Malaya 1786-1951, Including Tokens Issued by the Merchants of Singapore 1828-1853    More background than CBCN#2 and publishes full texts of coinage decrees. The Singapore tokens differently arranged (more entries?) and including later tokens not in CBCN.  271p+12pl, hc, 6x10", 1968NOT IN STOCK
Remick, James. et alCatalogue of British Commonwealth Coins 1660- 1971   Popular catalog with photo, mintages, valuations by date / variety. Also collector tips, listings (with contact info.) of dealers & sources, numismatic literature, counterfeits, patterns, restrikes, die varieties for each country. Includes Egypt, Isreal, German E. Africa & others with ties to Britain.Better coverage than the early editions of KM. [2nd ed. 1969, sc used $5]   568p, hc, 5.75x8.75", 1971NOT IN STOCK
Scaife, J. Vermer Jr.British Colonial Coins & Tokens  A pre-Pridmore catalog, heavy on tokens. (Repr. from Numismatist 1953-54)   ,88p, sc, 6x9", yellowed coverNOT IN STOCK
Sharif, Dr. K.N.Hundred Years of Indian Coinage   Historical background, mint and variety details on British Indian & Republic coinage 1858-1957. Well produced & printed. Better enlarged photos help in attributing coins more than KM or Pridmore.  215p, hc, 1979, OP   [Est. Market Value: $75+]NOT IN STOCK
Shaw, E.M.A Historty of Currency in South Africa   Museum booklet. CS11311: "Attempts a mnonetary history of this region, has a good bibliography."   22p+20pl, 5.5x8.5", sc, 195617.50
Singh, SaranEncyclopedia of the Coins of Malaysia,Singapore, and Brunei, 1400-1967 Revised 3rd Ed.    Informative, comprehensive catalog of early, native, colonial, and token coinage of the region. Port. Malacca, Perak tin ingots, tampangs, and animal money, Brunei iron strips, counterfeits, local tokens, tin copies of Chinese cash, etc. Many new types and better layout than 1986 ed, though weaker photos. Far better coverage of Native Malay than KM. Separate price guide.   624p, 7.5x10.5", hc, 1996, OP [Est. Market Value: $100+]    
Vice, DavidThe Coinage of British West Africa and St. Helena  Extensive history & catalog; tokens too.  237p, 7x10, 1983NOT IN STOCK
Yarwood, John F.Military Tokens of the British Commonwealth (3rd Ed.)   Latest and final edition with hundreds of listings, new numbers, good photos (some color!) and square-bind, plus detailed background information where known. Covering 17th Century to Iraq with focus on canteens, but club tokens, tool checks, even POGs as well.    CONTENTS   273p, 5.75x8.25", sc, 2011, List $50, but out of print and hard to find.85.00
Bucknill, JohnThe Coins of the Dutch East Indies, An Introduction to the Study of the Series   Seminal work on Colonial series, largely superceded by Scholten, but still referenced.   303p, hc, 5.5x9", 1931Repr2000NOT IN STOCK
Gadoury, Victor & Cousinié G.Monnaies Coloniales Francaises 1670-1988, (2nd)   Patterns, tokens & unreleased issues you won't find in Krause. Good photos, prices in 3 grades, many renumbered since last edition; 4500 coins. Lecompte covers the same ground, with more tokens and medals added.  (1st Ed., 1979 $9)   2nd Ed., 552p, hc, 6x8.25", 1988NOT IN STOCK
Gilloteau, VictorMonnaies Francases: Colonies 1640-1942, Metropole 1774-1942    Good reprint of the classic work on French and Colonial   829p, 5x7, hc, 1942R196639.50
Gray, John F.Tranquebar: A Guide to the Coinage of Danish India   History of Tranquebar & its coinage. Catalog with detailed descriptions. Market values. Though the Jensen works are a bit more up to date, this is still the most referenced catalog.   85p+12pl, hc, 6.25x9.25", 1975, OP  Used, signed copy, or near-new (small tears & yellowing on dj)35.00
Jensen,. U.B.Trankebarm¿nter 1620- 1845  Revised prices from 1978 ed. Danish  28p 2nd, 199110.00
Jensen, U.B.Danish East India: Trade Coins and the Coins of Tranquebar 1620- 1845   A much more extensive coinage history than found in his regular catalogs. Includes a catalog, but not as convenient as those in his Trankebarmønter editions, and without valuations. As with Gray, this edition gives the meanings of the symbols on the led Kas. English.  48p, sc, 1997 [Est. Market Value: $25]NOT IN STOCK
Lansen, A.J. & Wells, Lou T.Plantage-,Handels-, en Mijngeld van Nederlands-Indë (Plantation-,Merchant-, and Mining money of the Netherlands East Indies)     Comprehensive catalog of 787 main types plus variants, listed by category and issuer, with photo, all specs, background of issuers. Chapters on plantation system, rubber & tobacco production,various charts and indexes. Values in Euros. Concordance with other works. Dutch text, some English, German & Indonesian. Although a few nonexistent metal varieties have crept in, this is a strong effort, the definitive new standard work. 224p, 8.5x10.5, hc, 2001 NOT IN STOCK
Lecompte, JeanMonnaies et Jetons des Colonies Françaises   Extremely comprehensive catalog of French Colonial series, including tokens, medals, necessity issues, cardboard monies, essais & pieforts, etc., with good photos and prices in three grades. French text. Successor to the Gadoury work and much improved.   624p, 6x8.25, hc, 2000;   There is a 2007 edition.NOT IN STOCK
Salgado & PascoalPortugiesische Kolonialwertmarket   Catalog of Portuguese Colonial tokens, background & historical photos of issuing firms. German text.  167p, sc, 8x11.5", 1992NOT IN STOCK
Scholten, CThe Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories 1601- 1948   Long-time standard monetary history and catalog for Dutch colonies in the East Indies, India, Ceylon, Caribbean, etc. Includes plantation & other tokens. Meticulously researched and clearly presented. English edition of 1953 original.    176p+20pl, softcover, R1981 45.00
Schulman, JacquesCollection of H. T. Grogan   Reprint of 1914 sale of Asian Colonial series with good plates, 2280 lots. Long-time standard source reference for Colonial series, most useful for Portuguese Asia.   140p+18plNOT IN STOCK
Shaw, William & Ali, Md.Malacca Coins   Brief history & catalog of 34 Sultanate & Colonial (mostly Portuguese) coins. Muzium Negara. 20p, sc, 6x8.5", 1970NOT IN STOCK
Sim, E. E.Portuguese Occupation (1511-1641) Unlisted Tin Coins Found in Malacca  Article on Portuguese-style tin types unknown before 1970's, now generally considered forgeries.  12p, xerox, 8.5x14", 1989NOT IN STOCK
Singh, SaranEncyclopedia of the Coins of Malaysia,Singapore, and Brunei, 1400-1967 Revised 3rd Ed.    Informative, comprehensive catalog of early, native, colonial, and token coinage of the region. Port. Malacca, Perak tin ingots, tampangs, and animal money, Brunei iron strips, counterfeits, local tokens, tin copies of Chinese cash, etc. Many new types and better layout than 1986 ed, though weaker photos. Far better coverage of Native Malay than KM. Separate price guide.   624p, 7.5x10.5", hc, 1996, OP [Est. Market Value: $100+]    (2nd ed., 1986 still very good coverage $50)NOT IN STOCK
Spink & SonsThe Gold and Silver Coins of Goa   Reprint of a Spink/Glendining sale of 440 lots, prices realized, introduction by D. Fearon  21p+4pl, sc, 1975  some water damage5.00
ZonnebloemMunten van de Verenigde Ostindische Compagnie en van Nederlands India 1594-1949  Latest edition pricing VOC coins in 4 grades, Dutch text.  111p, sc, 5x7.5, 1988 NOT IN STOCK
Betts, B.Mexican Imperial Coinage  Iturbide & Maximillian, woodcut illos  48p+16pl, 1899R5.00
Calbeto, GabrielCompendio de las Piezas de Ocho Reales   Two volume standard on series.  733p, oversize, 1970  CS11323 [Est. Market Value: $250]NOT IN STOCK
Duffield / RaymondReprint Set   Aa Trial List of the Countermarked Modern Coins of the World, Sec. 2: West Indies by Duffield, and The Cut and Counterstamped Pieces of the West Indies by Wayte Raymond. Self-cover 5.5x8" photocopy booklets, illustrations only fair. Set: 19701.00
Hosler, Lecht, & HolmAxe-Monies and Their Relatives   Serious archaeological study of axe (hoe), hide & "feather" monies of Mexico, Ecuador & Peru: dispersal, dating, metal analysis, use in trade, religious aspects, etc. (Dumbarton Oaks, Studies in Pre-Columbian Art & Archaeology #30)  103p, 7.5x10.5", sc, 1990NOT IN STOCK
Pradeau, A.The Mexican Mints of Alamos and Hermosillo   73p+3pl, 5.5x8.5", sc, 1934 Reprint 19925.00
Raymond, WayteSilver Dollars of North and South America    Once-standard work with decent photos, valuations. Includes c/s, cut & necessity issues.   2nd ed., 125p, hc, 6x9.25", 19647.00
Rose, Frank
Rose, Frank M.Chopmarks   Information, speculation, photos of the symbols & characters "chopped" in to silver coins by 18-19th C. Chinese merchants to test fineness & serve as their guarantee.   54p, 8.5x11", sc, 1987R2000, List $15, Out of print?NOT IN STOCK
Rulau, RussellLatin American Tokens 1700- 1920 (1st ed)  416p (Krause) Latest edition is 2000, and owners may request a supplement from the author.  2nd edition lists $38; 1st ed 19926.00
Sedwick, FrankThe Practical Book of Cobs, 1st ed   A guide to understanding and collecting America's first coins, a crudely made and little known series popularized by shipwreck finds. First edition (now in 3rd?)   81p, sc,5.25x8.25, 1987, Unused copy50.00
EXONUMIA: Tokens, Notgeld, Medals, etc.
SEE: General EXONUMIA page, and NOTGELD listings.
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